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    my wife bought a bottle of diptyque's philosykos last week. much as i realised it is a very lovely scent it has poor lasting power. it does not last more than 2 hrs on her. is it true that the diptyques have longetivity problems?

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    I've sampled a number of Diptyche scents, and never really noticed a problem with longevity.
    Philosykos is the only one I've bought a full bottle of, though. It's one of my favorite summer scents.
    I think the problem/issue with a scent like Philosykos (or, for another example, Eau de Campagne) is
    that it's based on an inherently bitter green accord, and I'm not sure it would be as easy to wear if it
    were stronger or more concentrated than it already is. I've increased the longevity of both scents by
    spritzing a bit on a pocket handkerchief, or letting it stray a bit onto my shirt collar or cuffs, but lots of
    women report using the 'cotton ball in the bra' trick, too.

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