A co-conspirator in all things fragrance sent me a sample of this long forgotten scent. 20 yrs ago, Biagiotti launched one of her frist scents, the now laid to rest NIGHT. Today I've got my SOTD of one hand, and a couple of experiments on the other.

Night reminds me of Venezia, or actually a corss between Venezia and Pastelo - warm tobacco low notes with a tangy rich floral/fruit opening. I'd love to find the notes for this one - anyone? I'm surprised the fragrance is still wearable after such a long time, but it is actually very good on my skin and only needed a couple of minutes to open up and blossom. It's hard to tell what the top was like, but the middle is a powdery, slightly aldehydic melange, reminiscent of #5, do I detect rose, maybe ylang? is there a berry or red fruit note? The base has a vanillic note, though barely detectable lingering beyond the patchouli and tobacco...

Reminds me of: Krizia, Fendi Asja

A nice surprise - thx, Jindra!