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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    LOL! That sounds a lot like my own behaviour when I go out on a sniff tour...I am probably always breaking the rules, getting too carried away. The result is I usually walk out of there with this nauseatingly heavy cloud of the more dominant musk/bergamot/vanilla around me, and some totaly wild bouquet in the background.

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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    I went to the mall today and lo and behold i wound up at the fragrance counters....imagine that. I walked by Lovely and i immediatly thought of Ladylonestar's post about how horrid it was. I sprayed it on the ribbon and thought i was not that bad. Then i remembered ladylonestar saying something about having to test it on your skin to get its real essense......or maybe that was someone elses terrible review of it. I spritzed a few times on the back of my hand and waited for it to dry down a bit. After about 5 or 10 minutes i thought it started to have a very cardboardish, caulkey type of smell.......could that be the "paper whites"????? I didnt think it smelled at all what most people would call feminine. Additionall, I couldnt help but think MENS COLOGNE!!!!!! Maybe this stuff should have been called Handsome instead of Lovely. Its hilarious to me that someone as dainty, petite, and pretty as Sarah Jessica Parker could lend her name to a scent this manish. LOL!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    Rosberg, have you sampled Costume National? I need to remember to re-sample Costume National because I keep thinking Lovely may be similar. Not sure yet. However, I did discover a similarity between Lovely and... of all things.... Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune! Yep. It's true. I haven't checked notes on Pamplelune to compare them to Lovely but they smell very similar to me, although I actually like and enjoy the AA Pamplelune.

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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Artisankey
    I admit I wasn't rushing out to try it, and figured I'd get around to it sometime next year when it's at Macy's or something.
    Hi Artisankey! I just tried this today at the Macy's by me, so maybe all Macy's are carrying it now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ladylonestar
    Thanks to everyone for your contributions and for sticking with me through this meandering thread. You'll all be happy to know that I'm looking into a continuing education course called "How to be Succinct", which I hope to take as soon as I complete three weeks of "Your Time Is Up: Sit Down and Shut Up."

    Don't you dare Ladylonestar! I enjoyed every word. Much more fun this way. [smiley=grin.gif]
    I was excited because the September Vogue had a scent strip of Lovely. I thought it was just ok at first, but there was something about it that bothered me. After a few more sniffs, I realized it must be the patchouli in it that I didn't take to. I think I have to resign myself to the fact that I don't like patchouli on me unless it's subtle and blended well with other notes. But in Lovely, I also don't like how it combines with the musk. When I saw it at Macy's today, I just had to try it on my skin anyway, and I do find it appealing in some ways, but I just can't see wearing this. Oh well, money saved.

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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    Ok Ladylonestar, I'm going to the mall this afternoon and I will hunt Lovely down! I must see for myself and as for succinct - who needs a short description of perfume shopping? I want the full blown, vicarious shopping experience. Post on .....

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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    I just saw this at my local Filene's. We're the last ones to get the new launches. Maybe I'll try Lovely on my skin next time. Have to admit I was underwhelmed when I sprayed it into the bottle cap and sniffed.

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    Default Re: Sampled SJP Lovely (very long post)

    Hello from Canada,

    I'm in Momtreal this week.
    Drugstores are great here, they carry most departememt store brands like Lancome, Biotherm, Clarins...

    They had a tester of Lovely, on wich I jumped with excitement. I can understand why people have such mixed opinions because Lovely is a real chypre with lots of patchouli! The name of the perfume isn't right... it's not a soft fragrance. Lovely is the first real chypre in many, many years. It has the same mix of rosy heart and spicy basenotes as Coriandre and Maroc by Ultima II, quit a few reviews said Lovely had something of a '70s scent. If I compair it to more recent chypres, Lovely is closer in style to Agent Provocateur than to Narciso Rodriguez wich is a softer chypre.
    Not bad imho for something targeting a large audience.

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