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Thread: Pootle Pink!

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    I have a bottle of Pootle Pink by Dana which I have had for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars. It is a very girly fragrance that looks as if it might be aimed at Barbie fans! I seem to remember it being part of a set but I can find no trace of it online or anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this or any of the associated fragrances please? Thanks

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    I tried various search engines, and I tried as well as but I couldn't find anything. Maybe someone else will turn up some info. [smiley=cry.gif]

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    Wow, thank you so much for trying to help me out! *You did a lot of looking *[smiley=dankk2.gif]

    As you say there seems to be nothing online so my only hope is for somebody who knows something about it to get in touch [smiley=sad.gif]

    Thanks again though *[smiley=grin.gif]

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    My pleasure, Kiss! [smiley=wink.gif]

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