There doesn't seem to be much discussion about the women's creed scents, except maybe angelique encens, so I'd love some opinions.

I recently got a sample of Fleurissimo, and I really like it. I now am trying to choose between getting a decant of Fleurissimo, which I know I like, or Fantasia de Fleurs, which also sounds great from the notes and have gotten better reviews from others. Which do you like better and why? Is Fantasia dominated by rose, like some say, or well balanced with rose iris and osmanthus, as other say? I have enough roses in my wardrobe now, I think, to buy it if the floral heart is dominated by rose.

And what do you think of the other women's creed scents (spring flower, jasmal, fleurs de bulgarie, angelique encens, etc?) I'm wearing a angelique encens for the first time today and it's GLORIOUS!