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    Default Praising, introduction and a question

    Hi! I am so happy to have found this site again; I had it and lost it and found it again. What a fairytale! Now I can finally throw out all the other scent-related url:s I collected on the way. Not that they are not interesting, but Basenotes, Sephora (and Shenet if you are swedish like me), is a satisfying little arsenal for someone like me. I am a woman of 32 years living in Göteborg, Sweden (second biggest city, but not so "city-like). I have always been interested in and dependent on (aren´t we all in some way!) scents and perfumes. It is one of many fascinations of mine, and my wallet has never been too fat, so my knowledge on the subject is sporadic and I´m not a collector, but I usually pass the perfume stores on the way to work, on the way to the library and on the way to see my friends (poor guys!) and get my sniffs of the day. And I find it so interesting and enjoyable to read articles and posts from people who are completley dedicated and (self)educated in fragrance!

    I don´t think I have a "scent profile" at all. My standard perfume throughout the years has been Chloé (the one from 1974), and I´m still wearing the perfume quite often, and always wearing the deodorant and body lotion. At first I found the perfume too flowery, but after a while I realised this pure flowery scent, without any traces of vanilla or anything like that, really suits me. I now have Cloé´s Collection 2005 also, which is much lighter and maybe a little more girly than womanish, but nice for everyday use. I´m fond of Guerlains "Aqua Allegoria" series and I also like Miller Harris fragrances. I now have "Terre de bois", which was one of those scents that I found that I could´nt stay away from repeatedly sniffing but couldn´t decide if I liked or not. I actually bought it before I knew if I liked it, I´m wearing it and sniffing it, and I´m still not sure if i "like-like" it but on some level I know it´s mine. Or something. My interest in perfume is at the same time sensual/physical, intellectual and emotional. I guess it´s the same for a lot of you guys.

    Now for the question (I guess it´s been put before): I was lucky enogh to discover that everytime I had used my Chloé deodorant stick, and spinkled on some of Guerlains "Herba Fresca" a really pleasant and interesting (as in good-interesting) odour-combination appeared. It´s probably "blasfemic", but it works for me and hopefully for people surrounding me . But when I use a scent that is more distinct I put on odourless deo and a more anonymous body lotion. How do you guys combine perfumes /eau de´s with deodorants and body lotions? Do you have the complements of all your scents? And I have read that some of you actually have more than 50 different scents at home! That must be a huge dilemma!

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    Default Re: Praising, introduction and a question

    Greetings from a fellow Swede. Välkommen, and thank you for your introduction.
    Layering different fragrances isn't a blasphemy. A lot of people here do it.

    I generally don't buy deodorants or to match my scent. Most of the time I use an unscented one. My shower gels are perfumed though and sometimes they clash a bit with what I'm wearing. Unscented shower gels are just so dull.

    What disturbs me most is the scent of fabric softeners. They are usually very strong and sometimes overwhelm the smell of the fragrance I'm wearing, so I only use a bit of softener or none at all.

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    Default Re: Praising, introduction and a question

    Welcome to Basenotes, Vinterdroppe!

    Please visit and post often. ;-)

    It is difficult to pick the scent of the day every now and then, and in my case I do make mistakes, i.e. sometimes the scent I have so carefully chosen is totally out of social context. So what? I can only hope I/it will get better, although once in a while I am wearing scents just as *a slap in your face*, security blanket, defence mechanism.

    Non scented deodorant for me too, but I am a kind of particular about deodorants in general: some do not do the job on me and others give me rash.

    Currently wearing: Omnia Paraiba by Bulgari

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    Default Re: Praising, introduction and a question

    Greetings, Vinterdroppe, and welcome to Basenotes!

    Like Timberwolf, I'm particular about deodorants. So far I don't seek out the deodorants to match any of my fragrances. I always use an unscented deodorant, unscented bath soap, unscented hairspray, unscented skin lotion, unscented laundry detergent, unscented fabric softener. Perhaps "non-perfumed" or "fragrance free" are better terms, I don't know.

    I've seen too many women (and some men) ruin their fragrances with the competing and unflattering scents of their grooming products. And I don't like anything to ruin my fragrance so I buy matching lotion, oil, creme, powder -- and these can be worn alone or with the fragrance. Even so, I don't always buy the scented bath and body products to accompany the fragrance unless I'm sure the fragrance is a long-term commitment on my part. Also, some products (like body creme and lotion) are different just enough to NOT enhance the fragrance, as in the case of Chanel No. 22 lotion and Theorema. I rarely wear Estee lotion as I much prefer the body creme, which they've discontinued, so I'll often spray my Estee into my unscented skin lotion and apply it that way.

    Basically, I'm not very curious about, patient with, nor interested in experimental layering of scented products that don't match the fragrance I'm wearing. But I read others who do this and it fascinates me and I respect and admire their creativity and patience.

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    Default Re: Praising, introduction and a question

    Thank you for your friendly posts, and for answering my question. Tack tack! I feel welcome!

    Browsing throgh a few threads I realise that "layering" actually seems to be an established expression. There you go! I had no idea. I agree about the fabric softeners - actually all laundry products are far to dominant. It´s the kind of scent you want on your sheets, not in your clothes. When it comes to soap (I normaly use soap bars instead of showergel), I use pure sandalwood, because it goes with most scents. It doesn´t really stay on for long, but in my imagination it mixes well with the rest of the products, and it does make the bathroom smell nice.

    It is so inspiring to look at your wardrobe-lists!
    I will definitley be back soon.

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