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    Default would you ladies give me a help?

    i want to buy my wife a nice fragrance but the problem is i don't know what she would like if it was for me i own more than a hundred piece of fragrances and still like to have more but she is of a kind that don't like to change alot she likes fragrance such as leau par kenzo , amerige , tresor , cinema , miracle ,allure which i have bought them for her now i am considering to buy another one for her i am considering basic instict by victoria secret and/or in love again by YSL what do you think and is there another fragrance that ladies with this stype of fragrance would love to have ,
    thanks alot

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    Default Re: would you ladies give me a help?

    First of, your wife has a nice little collection of VARIOUS smellies and you are being a gentleman! All of them are classics in the making, I would say, and most of them are beautiful elegant florals .

    In Love Again is one of my favorites, I have the one with the golden lid and the one with the multi-clolored lid, and I like the combo of black currant and grapefruit and tomato leaf. I have never tried the newest release though (Fleuer de la Passion), and the rumor is that YSL is planning to release a limited edition of In Love Again every summer. Something like Escada seasonal fragrances, I guess. :-)

    The smell of the original In Love Again fragrance circa 1998 is the epythomy of spring captured in a bottle, and I have worn it extensively during the months of May and June. The beginning might strike you as a little sharp, but give it some time, In Love Again developes into the most feminine, playful and luscious fragrance. And, of course, it must be sniffed to be delivered....

    Here is what you need to do: take your wife with you on your next trip to the fragrance store, and let HER decide. You can either go the road of classics with florals (that you know now she likes): Arpege, Shalimar, Joy, Chanel #5, Estee, White Linen, Chaumet, Poeme Lancome, Flower Kenzo, J'Adore, Shi Alfred Sung (and that's what I would do in your shoes), or introduce her to other fragrance families, like chypres (start with Truth, # 19, Cristalle, Ivoire, Diva) or citrus perfumes, or, even better for coming fall, go exclusively for heavier orientals, but this is the riskier road. Who knows, may be the new SJP Lovely will be the one SHE choses!

    Well, on another note, Basic Instinct is not what I want to write in my SOTD thread, but it might be just me!!! ;-)

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: would you ladies give me a help?

    I have a couple of the ones that your wife enjoys. I think two sure fire winners would be either Anne Pliska or Eau des Merveilles. You wouldn't believe the compliments that I get on these, and they're two of my husband's favorites. (We're talking about a guy who is normally perfume-immune to a wife who owns too many but looks up and goes "Mmmmmmm" with these two scents.)
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    Default Re: would you ladies give me a help?

    If you have time, I suggest you order her a "bouquet" of samples from one of the online sources. It's so much fun to try a dozen different scents. You could shop ebay or one of the following online stores:,,,,

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    Default Re: would you ladies give me a help?

    One of my faves is Hugo Deep Red. I don't even know how to describe this one really, but there's a great review of it in the directory.
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    Default Re: would you ladies give me a help?

    I think the name, "In Love Again", is so romantic. *And Timberwolf's description sounds wonderful.

    Well... let's see... what can I contribute? GREAT suggestions already. *Maybe Dior Pure Poison (such a pretty bottle) or Tommy Bahama (new discovery and love it). *Van Cleef & Arpels First, YSL Paris, Vivienne Westwood Boudoir, Must de Cartier... so many beauties out there. *Good luck!

    Edited because I thought of another one -- Patou Sublime.

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