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    Default Niche fragrances

    I don't understand what is meant by this expression. What are they? Which are yours niche fragrances?

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    Hi Alicka. I would best describe "niche" fragrances as those that are not produced by a designer brand, but instead come from a house that produces nothing *but* fragrances. Typically they are only found in boutiques, and not at your average mall store.

    Examples: CDG, L'Artisan, LV, SMN, Creed. Of course there are certain houses that may fall into a gray area, in which some may consider them niche, and some don't For example, Caron and Guerlain.

    Personally, I prefer to stay away from such categories, and trust my nose to tell me if something smells good or not, regardless of where it came from.

    Hope that helped answered your question!

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    Default Re: Niche fragrances

    I seem to recall quite a bit of discussion on the men's forum (last year?) or at least a very long thread discussing, debating or explaining the terms "niche" and "artisanal", the differences between the two terms, and the *proper* use of both -- the great Niche-Artisanal debate. I remember the thread(s) but I don't remember what all was said.

    I don't quite understand the difference in niche/artisanal and microperfumeries myself. But... I consider Anne Pliska and the Holzman & Stephanie fragrances to be niche (or artisanal) fragrances. I'm not sure how to classify Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Long Lost Perfumes, Hove, Bourbon French, etc. -- niche, artisanal, or microperfumeries?


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