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Thread: Autumn scents

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    Default Autumn scents

    The nights are starting to get crisp. (The hot dog days of September are forthcoming, however.) I'm scratching around my collection to look for something spicey, leafy, green, and smokey. I don't like categorizing scents but sometimes they seem to blend better with my chemistry when I wear a particular perfume during a particular season. Aliage, Inoui, Genny, Yohji, Nu, Arpege, Cashmere Mist and some of the "deeper" fragrances come to mind. The exit of summer always saddens me... [smiley=cry.gif] [smiley=cry.gif] I could use a suggestion or two for a "burning leaves" scent if anyone has one.
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: Autumn scents "burning leaves" perfumes are coming to mind- although I can certainly conjure that smell you are after. I would think something from the dry chypre family, perhaps with a touch of tobacco could be getting closer.

    I have to agree that some perfumes just smell better in cooler or even downright cold weather. Must de Cartier in parfum comes to mind- as does Winter Delice. On me, in hot weather, these are just "wrong!"
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    You simply must try Diptyque's Galliano spray as a personal fragrance, if you haven't already, and I find that Gobin Daude's Nuit au Dessert has an almost smokey dry quality! As for department store sad - zilch, zero, nada - everything is pretty and fruity and "eh" nowadays.

    As for my autumn scents - Venezia for Men by Biagiotti, all my Lutens, Carons, D'Orsays, L'Artisans and Gobin Daudes, New Haarlem, Molto Missoni, ahhh, I can't wait til's still too hot here to venture into these scents...I'm all about the Creeds and Penhaligons right now along with greens and white musks and white woods...

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    I can wear some of the florals beautifully in summer as long as they're reasonably light. I couldn't wear Must in summer either, Key, but will be reaching for it when it's much cooler. It's one of the most feminine scents I own. I agree with Scenteur that there's way too much fruity in the scents that they're churning out now, competing only by the icky sicky sweet gourmands. (This comes from a fanatical Pink Sugar fan.) Chypre is definitely right for me - the floral lover who never wants summer to end - in autumn. Smokey, burning leaves smell wonderful but don't do much for the environment. I'd love to wear them, though. [smiley=smiley.gif]
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    Burning leaves? DSH Firefly! [smiley=cheesy.gif]

    Most of my autumn faves are Chypres, especially fruity ones like Mitsouko, Y, Femme, Le Parfum de Thérèse... [smiley=happy.gif]
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    Burning leaves scent: Spiced Autumn Woods from Sonoma Scent Studio.
    Fallen leaves scent (not burning): Comme des Garcons EdP (original)

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    Another great chypre for the automn is Knowing by Estee Lauder.

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    I love to wear Daim Blond in automn.

    For the last sunny days, the warmer ones just before it is getting definitely colder, my favourite is Eau du Mure by MPG.

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    I'll defer to others for the "burning leaves" scent, but we're on the same page, Fufu! Even though it's still hot as blazes here, I'm *feeling* autumn -- the color of the sky is different and the cloud formations are different -- and orientals and chypres have really been on my mind lately. Today I almost bought a fresh bottle of Magie Noire at the Lancome counter. It's one of my favorite autumn (and winter) fragrances.

    Halston is another fragrance that I normally wear in autumn or winter -- as soon as the humidity drops. Coriolan by Guerlain is a men's fragrance but quite a dazzling chypre. 10 Corso Como and MAC V/3 come to mind for smokey and woody, though MAC V/3 evokes dark, snowy winter nights for me -- white smoke rising from chimneys against the night sky.

    One of my favorite autumn fragrances is Golden Autumn. One breath of this and I can almost see the leaves changing colors. Maybe not a burning leaves aroma but definitely gives me the sense of autumn in the air. I had been buying it at Long Lost Perfumes but Mr. Dame seems to have discontinued it. It should be available at The Vermont Country Store, however -- and I definitely need to order some.

    I always loved Revlon Intimate in the autumn, so the last couple of years I've been buying the Long Lost Perfume version, Darling. I think Mr. Dame has also dropped this one, however. I think it's sad to have to go through withdrawal when some of our favorite fragrances are discontinued, but to re-discover them and then have them snatched from us yet again is just too cruel!

    Cabochard is sassy and crisp in the autumn, I think. Love Aphrodisia (LLP Desire)! Apercu is another great one as well as Sisley Eau du Soir. And I seem to love Patou 1000 more in the cooler, drier months. And... Opium and Cinnabar!

    Autumn is my favorite time of year (even South Texas autumn).

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    The weather turned very cool here in the last few days and I thought heavily about the riches in the vault: Misuki, Trouble, Vol de Nuit, Parfum Sacre, Narcisse Noir, Tuvache Tvara and Halston !!!! Halston is the best transitional scent and the body cream is green and light so it tempers the sweetness of the perfume. Fall....Navagar and Essence of John Galliano - oh and Balsam from Agraria. Hurry shorter days and pumpkins.

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    Yagatan by Caron.
    The new Dior Homme un Noire is pretty dark smokey.

    As for me,well my chypres and orientals with be coming out.
    It is not that hot here in Ireland but even at 20c it is a waste to wear the orientals.

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    Well, I see some fantastic suggestions here. I'll take them and check out eBay and some of my fave perfume sites. Fall is when I seem to crave certain scents the most, probably because of the transition. I love the autumn leaves yet still go into a pretty deep melancholy because I love summer so much. I want to grab it by its coat sleeves and cry "Don't leave!!" [smiley=cry.gif]
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    I sure wish we HAD an Autumn! I'm jealous. Crisp? We don't get that til Dec. or January.....

    HOT as hades and we're getting a big tropical storm tomorrow....

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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    Gaaah, it's already getting coooold here. And while I definitely don't mind scentwise, since most of my favorite scents are of the cool weather variety, I just can't believe our sweltering summer has come to an end so fast!

    Ah well, when I go back to school in Cali I'll get warm weather all over again for quite some time, so better wear my favorites while I can!


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    Default Re: Autumn scents

    I completely forgot to mention Royal Bain (Caron). This is such a wonderful autumn scent, it speaks of overripe fruit and flowers and has just the right powdery vanilla base.

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