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    Default To decant or not to decant?

    OK, so now I have a fantastic list of fragrances which contain chocolate notes in one form or another ([smiley=dankk2.gif]) my next problem is finding them to sample. *So to ebay I go and find most of what I am looking for listed there (currently bidding on a very cheap, unopened Bulgari BLV Notte. *Wish me Luck!) but... a lot of them are decanted. *Although I have bought from ebay before, the cynic in me is saying 'how do I know if these fragrances are unadulterated?' *If I have never smelt it before and I am buying blind how do I know if this is the original, undiluted scent? *I wondered if anyone had any feedback on this subject? *Is it recommended or has anyone had a bad experience? *It would be ideal to buy a small amount on ebay for a couple of dollars/pounds before committing myself to a whole bottle, but if the smell is not the same because the product has been diluted I'll have wasted my money anyway (and possibly be disappointed when I buy full size, only to find it smells quite different.) *Decisions, decisions!!!

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    You can check Basenotes Shopping Guides for Fragrance and Skincare. There's a list of internet sites that offer samples for purchase. Perfumebay is a good site for designer/prestige fragrance samples. Regarding ebay -- as with any transaction -- check the feedback. Happy sniffing! [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Thank you for the pointers. I forsee my future holds much shopping...

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    Default Re: To decant or not to decant?

    I'd trust the reputable members on this board and the ebay sellers with good feedback to not water down or adulterate the sectns. Decants are a good way to try a bunch of scents without spending a lot of money on whole bottles you'll never use. I've bought and swapped many decants with members on this board and never once felt like I was cheated. I love this place!

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    If you're buying on eBay, just be sure the seller has excellent feedback...and lots of it.
    They're still able to make a profit by buying whole bottles and subdividing and selling them
    as decants without the need to alter or dilute them: their reputations depend on that.

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