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    Default New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    EDIT!!! This is a very old post...look at the date above!


    Bond No. 9 Channels Chinatown

    NEW YORK In May, Bond No. 9 will take a cue from the worlds fastest-growing market with the launch of its newest scent, Chinatown. Chinatown, the companys 22nd fragrance, was inspired by a New York neighborhood and it has a decidedly Asian flair from the Ming Dynasty-inspired graphics printed on the bottle to its notes of peach blossom and cardamom.

    Much like the country from which many of its residents originated, Chinatown is growing rapidly, according to Laurice Rahme, founder of Bond No. 9. On the periphery of Chinatown, youre finding new designer shops and fashion and [the fragrance] is in that spirit, she said. Its a destination neighborhood for both tourists and New Yorkers.

    Created by Aurelien Giuchard of Givaudan, Chinatown features top notes of peach blossom; middle notes of peony, gardenia and tuberose, and base notes of cardamom and dark woods. This is for a young girl, an avant-garde woman, said Rahme. Its not a classic fragrance its for more of a young crowd, someone who is adventurous in fashion, food and fragrance.

    Rahme said that it was important to feature edible notes in the fragrance, such as cardamom and peach blossom, an edible flower. In Asia, they eat a lot of flowers, said Rahme. And people love the idea of food its about comfort.

    For Chinatown, the signature Bond No. 9 star-shaped bottle is decorated in a plum blossom pattern, inspired by a porcelain ginger jar dating back to Chinas Ming Dynasty. The original jar, explained Rahme, features a navy blue and white pattern, while Chinatowns bottle is covered in contrasting colors of fuchsia and pearl. One side of the Chinatown bottle features fuchsia flowers with a pearl background, while the other side features pearl flowers with a fuchsia background.

    Rahme said that the bright pink color was chosen as an alternative to red, the color that many people associate with China. Bond No. 9s subway token insignia is included on the bottom right corner of the bottle.

    Chinatown will retail for $178 for a 3.4 oz. bottle. It will also be available for $45 per ounce, either in a 2-oz., $25 spray flacon or in an assortment of Bond No. 9 decorated bottles, which range in price from $40 to $70. A variety of vintage or art bottles, ranging from $60 to $200 each, will also be available. The fragrance will be carried at Bond No. 9s three New York boutiques, as well as in Saks Fifth Avenue and about 100 boutiques and spas nationwide, according to Rahme. Industry sources estimate Chinatown could bring in up to $500,000 in first-year sales.

    Bond No. 9 recently expanded its distribution to include eight Harvey Nichols doors in the U.K., will hit Middle Eastern markets in March and is currently in negotiations to launch in Italy, Germany and Spain in April, according to Rahme.

    Upcoming plans for the company include custom fragrances inspired by specific New York addresses, which will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in the fall. Rahme said that she has her eye on several locations for new Bond No. 9 boutiques, including the West Village and Harlem. The company has slated the launch of a signature makeup line, called Talk of the Town, for spring 2006. Bryn Kenny
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    As with the company's Little Italy scent, I have a feeling that, if I smelled it with being told its name is "Chinatown," I wouldn't get any association whatsoever with Chinatown or Chinese culture. I'm in L.A.'s Chinatown all the time - it's one of my absolute favorite parts of the city - and it's full of distinct smells. In fact, Caron's Yatagan, Arden Men Sandalwood, and Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Aqua Motu all remind me of distinctly of Chinatown when I smell them. But this Bond No. 9? I doubt it will give me such olfactory reminiscences.

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    Forgive me for this, but I'm afraid I've formed some rather early bias towards this fragrance.

    I know I shouldn't judge a fragrance before I smell it, but good grief!

    Quote Originally Posted by cedriceccentric

    This is for a young girl, an avant-garde woman, said Rahme. Its not a classic fragrance its for more of a young crowd, someone who is adventurous in fashion, food and fragrance.
    Ok, I don't exactly know how the quoting function works, so if the above looks funny, I apologize.

    But doesn't the above statement suggest a throwaway fragrance? Doesn't it say, in a long-drawn out way, that this is a trendy fragrance that won't last very long? "Not a classic"--ARGH! But for the prices they're charging, shouldn't it at least TRY?

    Now, I've not found a Bond no. 9 that I've been terribly impressed with. I was fascinated by Wall Street, I kinda sorta liked New York Fling, but for that price tag, I'd rather go and find a smell-a-like at BBW. Talk about pretention!

    "In Asia, they eat a lot of flowers." They do? I'm Asian, and have lots of Asian friends (from Korea, Japan, China, etc.) and while the peach blossom may be edible, I'm not really familiar with vast amounts of flower eating goin' on. Lotus root doesn't count. Neither does the banana heart.

    Also, for all this talk on food, the notes really look more like a floriental than anything else.

    Sorry for the rant, but Bond no. 9 isn't necessarily a line that's in my good graces.

    Less talk, more innovation, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhianrad
    but for that price tag, I'd rather go and find a smell-a-like at BBW.
    As it is, pretty much all Bond No. 9 scents are smell-alikes of other scents on the market as it is. H.O.T. Always is pretty much a carbon copy of Givenchy Gentleman. New Haarlem is Yohji Homme. Or else they're slight twists on other scents: So New York is an exact replica of L'Or de Torrente, but with a chocolate note added.

    Bond No. 9 just all has a feel of been-there, done-that to it. Why go seeking a smell-alike for a Bond No. 9? Bond No. 9 is the smell-alike.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    Touche, Serpent, touche (how does one add those accents? sigh...)

    Too true, I just wish I'd said it with such style...

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    You're too kind. ;D

    I will say this: The bottle is cute.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serpent
    You're too kind. ;D

    I will say this: The bottle is cute.
    that's the first thing I thought = "At least the bottle is cute"

    and as for another line with specific addresses and a cosmetic line....puh-leez...

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    Fragrances based on specific addresses in New York?

    Hmmm.... how about:

    Eau de Plaza Hotel: Gin, vermouth, essence of olive and a touch of limousine exhaust. For the wealthy, world-weary poseur.

    Or in keeping with the waaaay overdone "Chinatown" ethnic theme:

    Le Nuit de Original Famous Ray's Pizza: The finest New Jersey Tomatoes, a note of finely aged parmesan cheese, combined with a touch of cheap red wine. Comes in bottle shaped like an authentic pizza box!

    Or maybe...

    NYU [That's New York University] Fling: Coffee, printer ink, and a touch of the finest cannabis. You'll smell like you've left you're term paper to the last minute.....again!

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    Actually, this sounds kind of awesome. And i LOVE the botte!!!!!!! I have Chelsea Flowers and Nuits De Noho and really enjoy wearing them. My only concern with this though is the peach note. Notes of peach rub me the wrong way. They are just way to feminine for me to wear. Also, if this is for "young girls" how are they supposed to afford 178 smackers. I think even a "young crowd" would have trouble affording this.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    I've got to say, I was shocked to read Chinatown described as a fragrance for a young woman. To me, the stuff smells quite masculine - I had no idea it was intended to be a woman's perfume!
    TOP 10
    1. Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior
    2. Lumire Noire pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    3. New Haarlem by Bond No. 9
    4. Chergui by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
    5. Francois Charles by Rance 1795
    6. Puro Intense by Nejma
    7. Usiku by Jo Wood Organics
    8. New York by Parfums de Nicolai
    9. Dia For Men by Amouage
    10. Silver Mountain Water by Creed

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    I tried it and was disappointed. I found it very woody and couldn't detect any of the floral notes.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    It's for the young girls? Gimme a break! BS! I'm too "po'd" to like it. I don't have your way with words Serp.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    I haven't liked any of the three Bonds I've tried. They all seemed overdone and pretentious while not displaying very good craftsmanship. Rahme's description of Chinatown sounds just that- overdone and pretentious- while not saying anything that hasn't been said of countless other fragrances.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    I actually think that Chelsea Flowers smells better than Malles Carnal Flower.

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    Default Re: New: Bond n9 Chinatown.

    tried bond #9. bought on ebay. was a scrubber for me. even put lemon juice on. still stunk.

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