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    Default Sybaris by Anotonio Puig

    Has any woman here tried the masculine fragrance Sybaris from Antonio Puig of Spain? It sounds intriguing, but... I'm still kind of tentative about trying men's scents. There's an Eau De Toilette on ebay I'm considering. I was drawn to a comment about it in, I believe, Basenotes.

    New note: I went ahead and bid on it anyway, and won [smiley=laugh.gif]

    So, never mind - I'll enjoy checking it out...

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    Default Re: Sybaris by Anotonio Puig

    I had a bottle of Sybaris back in 1988 and I remember it as pretty sweet woody-oriental. I never wore macho scents back then and I think a woman could definitely wear it.

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    Default Re: Sybaris by Anotonio Puig

    I used to wear it way back and loved it!

    I was once in a pub whilst wearing Sybaris, the security guy came up and asked me if I was smoking "something illegal"! LOL! Seems mixed with cigarette smoke................ [smiley=rolleyes.gif]
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