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Thread: Older Miss Dior

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    Default Older Miss Dior

    I recently acquired a 3.3 oz splash bottle from allshewants on eBay. It appears to be an older scent/vitnage stock, but I just want to make sure.

    Earlier in the year I got a spray bottle and the juice was green and the bottle was frosted and kind of fancy. The bottle I received was in a box with a houndstooth pattern in black & white. The juice is a brown color. The bottle has a band around it a la Eau Sauvage, only with the same houndstooth pattern in black & white as on the box.

    The juice appears to smell similar but slightly different. Duration overall appears to be longer and more aromatic. However the juice from the (presumably) newer bottle I got earlier in the year had a more effervescent green note which immediately appeared. With this bottle the green note took a bit longer to appear. The leather note in the frosted bottle was reminiscent of Habit Rouge, while in the houndstooth bottle it appears to be a touch more powdery but I still note that it is a leather note.

    Has the scent changed? Did I get bad juice? I'm OK with the scent.

    As an aside, I got Bandit EDP, which seems to be as Serpent stated, a reverse chypre. With Miss Dior, the green appears and then the leather. With Bandit, the leather appears and then the florals. Pretty nice. While I knew I could easily get away with wearing Miss Dior with no problem, I wasn't so sure about Bandit. I think this might be better in cooler weather though.
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    Default Re: Older Miss Dior

    Take a look at this and note the bottles:

    You will see it was relaunched in 1992. I'm not a Christian Dior expert as some of our other members are, so hopefully someone else can answer your questions.

    Regarding the Bandit, I'm not sure what a "reverse chypre" is. I do know that with the EdT, I pick up much more floral; however, with the EdP, for me it's nine miles of rough leather road from start to finish. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Vicomte, the houndstooth check bottle is the one that was used before they revamped it to the frosted squared bottles. Really older ones have a little silken bow attached at the bottle neck too. I always found the former version of the edt to be a little more rich and complex than today's. The bottle you got is probably 15-20 years old and the juice has probably mellowed so that the notes are not as crisp as they would have been when it was new. If the edt is still wearable, it must have been well kept all that time. I like both the former and the present bottles. Enjoy your treasures! It's a great scent!
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    As Ladylonestar said, Miss Dior was relaunched in 1992 because Dior wanted to give a younger image for its first perfume issued in 1947. The bottle you own is certainly the one created in the 60'S. It was a standard used for all perfumes begining by "Dior" (Diorissimo, Diorling, Diorella, Dioressence...) but only in the EDT version (a version without label also existed for the EDP version). This design was inspired from the Wales Prince suits with the famous pattern that is reproduced on the folding box. This bottle is today reinterpreted in limited editions (50ml spray) like Dior Me Dior Me Not, Chris 1947, Remember Me, Forever and Ever or the new Dior Star.
    About the juice, Dior never said it has changed but all experts affirm that it has been reformulated. You know, as for all old perfumes, Miss Dior used components which are now forbidden, very expensive or hard to find. So Dior tried to make the best to substitute some ingredients with synthetic ones but the result is not so good, especially for leather or animal notes. It's also a way to math the olfactory trends because Miss Dior smelled a little "old-fashioned" for people.
    So your bottle has been produced between the 60'S and 1992. The juice is certainly faded but as it was made with high quality raw materials, I would say it could be used.

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    Default Re: Older Miss Dior

    Thank you everyone for your thorough responses. My bottle is definitely wearable, just a little less green than the new bottle I traded away. I would venture to say that it is even more potent than "new" Dior actually, with slightly increased duration.

    To be honest, I don't recall exactly what Serpent said so I think I summarized it as a "reverse chypre" - I think Bandit (or it might be the Miss Dior) seems to have an atypical drydown. My feeling is that it might be the Bandit - it seems to go like this on me - leather, followed by florals, and ending on spices.

    Miss Dior seems to be more typical - green notes followed by powdery leather. I don't get much in the way of floral with Miss Dior.
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