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    Default Best Gardenia Scent

    What is the very best gardenia scent that you know of. *I am looking for something that has a predominant note of gardenia. Something that when you smell it you think of the flower. I like AG gardenia passion and am thinking about getting that one. *Is their a better one, though, that i should get instead?

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    Well, I don't own it but one day I happened to sniff "Gardenia" by Elizabeth Taylor and . . . believe it or not it smelled exactly like Gardenia. I wish I had bought it because it is my favorite flower and every time I buy an actual plant it ends up infested with those evil little bugs and dying. So, not very haute couture I know but if you want something that really smells like Gardenia, then this is not bad at all.

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    Default Re: Best Gardenia Scent

    All three Marc Jacobs scents, Chanel Gardenia.

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    I bought Floris Gardenia and it doesn't smell of gardenia, but maybe it's just my memory. I had a plant of gardenia many years ago and besides not lasting, I reckon it smelled like the original Drakkar (not noir).

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    For me it is Nouveau Gardenia by DSH. Creamy and dewy.

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