I recently moved and, of course, had to pack up all of my fragrances. As I was packing I was also spritzing and swooning over so many fragrances that I love. I did the same thing as I unpacked them. I have no idea why I don't wear them. I wonder if I have too many? Even if I do, I just don't want to part with them. I wonder if I'm stuck in a rut or if I'm over-protecting my fragrances, keeping them boxed up and, thus, inaccessible? I just don't know. Some that I love but have neglected for a long, long time:

SL Ambre Sultan
Messe de Minuit
Hypnotic Poison
Fifth Avenue
Caron Rose
Irma Shorell Rose
Ma Griffe
Fath de Fath
Shalimar Light
My Sin
Vol de Nuit
VC&A First

Does anyone else have fragrances you love but rarely wear?