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    I am looking in my next purchase to acuire a clean and refreshing scent. I know adg is hated due to popularity but I do not care about that. My 50 ml of kyoto should arrive tommorrow as I fiind this juice to be so exilerating and incredibly awesome! Having said that, which of these would/could you recommend? Many thanks!

    *note* I voted for adg arbitrarily just to see the polls

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    Hmm, neither CdG EdP nor CdG 2MAN are exactly "clean and refreshing" but I voted for CdG EdP anyway. It's very spicy and medicinal but I wear it, no matter what the season or temperature. [smiley=smiley.gif]
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    Agree with Tigs completely.
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    I also agree with Tiggy. but I did vote for CdG2 Man as I think it a cooler incense and might suit what you want better.

    I own the CdG and CdG2 anyway.
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    Those who hate AdG won't do so because of popularity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donna255
    but I did vote for CdG2 Man as I think it a cooler incense and might suit what you want better.

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