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    Default New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    PARIS While creating the new women's scent Hypnse, due out this fall, executives focused on Lancme's roots.

    "We want to get back to what is elegant in the brand," said Vincent Brun, marketing director for fragrance at the L'Oral-owned firm.

    "For us, it is like the new Trsor of 2005," continued Odile Roujol, deputy general manager of Lancme, referring to the perennial bestseller.

    So, for the new scent's bottle, Lancme executives went back to the future, drawing inspiration from the flacon of the brand's Magie fragrance, first introduced in 1950. For the new scent iteration, however, Magie's lines were elongated.

    "Hypnse's bottle is almost an object," said Brun. "It is something elegant and modern at the same time. It is like a woman turning."

    To further the luxury quotient, Lancme added a lot of glass to the Hypnse bottle, which is colored a blue-amethyst, meant to lend a further "mystery" to the scent. Yet it is not mystery in the dark sense of the word, but in a sexier, playful one, said Brun.

    Also with the intent of making the bottle as upscale as possible, Lancme executives chose to put the fragrance's name only on a metal plaque atop the flacon.

    They had in mind particular qualities for the new scent's ambassador including natural elegance.

    "We wanted to have a very powerful, modern woman," said Brun, who explained Lancme's search ended with model Daria Werbowy.

    "Daria is glamorous, not scary," said Brun, adding that in the ad shot by Javier Vallhonrat under the art direction of Tho-Van Tran, of Agence Air Paris she has a "kind of Mona Lisa smile" and looks outward holding a bottle of Hypnse. The still will appear as single and double pages plus gatefolds.

    "Daria makes the statement that 'I have this elixir, this seductive tool in hand,'" said Brun.

    The campaign's tag line reads: "The new hypnotizing fragrance."

    The Hypnse television campaign, featuring a confident, dancing Werbowy, comes as 30-, 25-, 15-, 10- and 5-second spots.

    "We wanted something different, more modern kind of playful at the same time," said Brun, adding the music in the background is "full of energy, like a dance."

    Also dancing will be some Hypnse bottles, turning on podiums so all facets of the bottle may be seen, in certain retail locations. Sampling will include scent strips in magazines in countries such as France, Germany, the U.K. and Spain.

    The warm woody oriental Hypnse juice was created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasser, of Firmenich. A play of contrasts, the fragrance includes three major notes: passion flower, to give a bright, fresh feeling; vanilla absolute from Madagascar, for a warm and elegant sensation, and vetiver, for sexiness, said Brun.

    Hypnse's target will be the 25 to 35 set, or "younger than Miracle's; it is for a different woman," said Roujol.

    Hypnse will be launched in September in Europe, and in February 2006 it will be introduced in the U.S. and Asia.

    While Lancme executives would not discuss numbers, industry sources estimate Hypnse will generate $120 million, or 100 million euros, in retail sales during its first 12 months.

    In Europe, the Hypnse line will include a 30-ml. eau de toilette for 38 euros, or $45.30 at current exchange rates, and a 50-ml. edt for 58 euros, or $61.20, plus an ancillary collection.

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    Default Re: New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    The nose Annick Menardo is also the creator of Lolita Lempicka, Hypnotic Poison, Jaipur for Men and the new Miss Me by Stela Cadente.

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    Default Re: New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    And yet more info, this time from

    LOral Luxury Products beauty brand Lancme new womens fragrance Hypnse is calibrated to be a major perfume launch, declares Lancme general manager France Xavier Vey. The new, classic scent has been conceived to take a spot among the top five ranked fragrances worldwide.

    The aim of the launch is to match the success of that of Trsor and Magie, our biggest fragrances, Lancmes international marketing manager Chiara Allegri tells The twisted-styled bottle is a slender version of the original Magie bottle created in 1950. The warm oriental woody scent is constructed around the traditional Magie vanilla and vetiver ingredients, as well as passion flower and white florals, signed Annick Mnardo and Thierry Wasser of Firmenich.

    The purpose [for the launch of Hypnse] is also to attract new clients from a younger age group with its youthful image used in advertising visuals, Allegri adds. An important media campaign starring model Daria Werbowy, for the first time for the brand, will include television and press campaigns, as well as a poster drive. The brand will also host events in points of sales to support the launch.

    Hypnse is scheduled to enter Europe this fall, followed by Asia and the Americas in January 2006. The line comprises 30ml and 50ml EdTs priced 45.50 and 67.50, respectively.

    and targets the over-60 crowd
    The brand is also on the offensive in the skincare segment with the launch of its first skincare treatment for women aged 60 years and over. Platinum, priced at 130 for 50ml, has a formula based on a hydroxy-calcium complex, an ingredient that helps organize the structure of the skin. This marks new territory for skincare: this is the first time a product is launched for women over 60, according to Lancme deputy general manager Odile Roujol. The global launch will commence in September, supported by press advertising and advertorials.

    Naomi Marcoulet with Sophie Goldfarb and Vronique Viaud

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    Default Re: New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    Yeah, it's me again. LOL

    Here is the original Magie bottle from which Hypnse took inspiration.

    I have Magie in my collection. It's a very chic, lady-like aldehyde with a touch of amber; in the style of Caleche and Madame Rochas. Magie was Lancme's blockbuster in the '50s and '60s. It has now been released at Lancome's most important counters arround the world (But not in it's classic bottle).

    Look for the original ad on

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    Default Re: New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    i've always liked lancome ladies fragrances. they always seem to match an image perfectly with the scent. however, i don't like the bottle / box. it seems they weren't really trying hard enough here. if you look at the ad's for hypnose mascara, you see something a bit more hypnotic.

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    Default Re: New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    Moodiereport posted also some info about Hypnse this morning.
    Check it out:

    They say it's Lancme first oriental which isn't true ofcourse. Magie Noire was/is already spicy woody oriental with a rose heart, Lancme's best fragrance imho. If only it could get a new packaging.

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    Default Re: New: Hypnse by Lancme.

    Many thanks for the info, Cedric! [smiley=smiley.gif]

    This scent sounds much more interesting than many other latest offerings, there's even VETIVER!!! [smiley=cheesy.gif] [smiley=happy.gif] [smiley=kiss.gif]
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darber muss man schreiben."
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