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    Default Halloween

    Has anyone tried this scetn by Jesus Del Pozo? With a name like halloween it seems like it would smell something like Kingdom or maybe even Salvador Dali's Pour Homme.

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    It is very pleaseant women scent but I am not very good in describing scents, sorry. However, surprisingly nice!

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    It's a rather unique floral, and I don't think I have ever smelled anything else quite like it. It's notes include bergamot, tuberose, jasmine, fressia, musk and sandalwood. The white flowers give it a white floral freshness, and fullness that is sorely lacking in many of today's florals, while the musk and sandalwood keep it warm and rich in the base. It's a little too floral for my tastes (as a guy, I had a bottle but rarely used it), but at it's price point, if you like florals, this is a good one.

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    For me, Halloween is so cold! I used to wear it, but I cannot anymore. Worth to try because it is different.
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