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    I need help. I seek a winter fragrance that is similar (as far as possible ) to Jil SAnder Sun, while Sun is typical summer fragrance that doesn't work in winter. However, I am so devoted to this scent that I would like to have anything similar but for winter. Thanks in advance!

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    Alicka, I was glad to see that you are posting again. :-)

    I do not have a bottle of Sun in my arsenal.

    Due to some reason, it did not impress me enough to invest into a full bottle after sniffing while I remember it being a happy and relaxed fragrance. Citrucy top probably made me think that it is a happy-go-lucky summer morning juice, although there is more to it than just it. The middle (heliotrope?) in it reminded me of Emporio Armani (gold), and the drydown -- dry sun burnt skin without any sun screen applied, slightly musky-ambery -- evoked some memories of another kind. :-) Waffles? Scones? There is something slow and gourmet, warm and sensual about Sun, for sure. Something along the lines of Sensi, Red Door and even #4, although I realize these are a totally different concept!!! Michael Edwards places Sun as similar to Bal a Versailles, Boucheron, L'Heure Bleue and Parfum Sacre, well, not similar, but in the sense "if you like Sun, you might like...".

    If I were you and absolutely in love with Sun, I would wear it during cooler months and in different environments and see how it behaves. If it does not work, although I do not see any reasons why it should not, your option is to do more sniffing! Good luck.
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    Yes I am very surprised that e.g. in USA many people don't know this fragrance and even there is no chance to buy it. I love it and enjoy wearing it but only in summer. Composition is not so special - mainly bergamot, vanilla, patchouli and amber - typical sweet and warm scent. But somehow very original.

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    Did I send you some Anne Pliska, Alicka? I'm not familiar with Jil Sander Sun -- I have never, ever smelled it -- so I may be waaaaaay off base here, but for some reason the notes listed made me think immediately of Anne Pliska (Notes: Vanilla, orange essence, geranium, bergamot, patchouli, amber, musk). However, if Michael Edwards says if you like Sun then you may like Bal a Versailles, L'Heure Bleue, Boucheron or Parfum Sacre, then clearly I've taken leave of my senses! But... if I sent you some Anne Pliska, would you mind comparing Sun with it?

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