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    Default Need Help With Perfume Oils

    As much as a scent-head as I am, I have had very little experience with perfume oils. I'm thinking about taking the plunge on one of the very many enticing offerings out there, but I am hesitant. How to apply to get the most from the scent? I have heard that they stay very close to the skin, always true? I would like to have some kind of aromatic cloud around me.

    So, any info, experiences or insights you can supply would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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    Default Re: Need Help With Perfume Oils

    As a general rule, oils stay pretty close to the body. I take a drop or two and mix it with Redken's Glass, a product I use to add shine, and put it in my hair before blowing it dry. When my hair moves, the scent wafts about. It lasts until I shampoo again. I don't know how well this would work for someone with shorter hair. I may enlist my son's help to experiment with it.
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    Default Re: Need Help With Perfume Oils

    Since I want someone who is very close to me to notice my scent, I prefer parfum to EDT. Usually, I tend to don't want to have cloud around me. That's why, I sometimes choose oils instead of parfum. When I wear oil, my friends notice it only in a car.

    I think mixing to body oils or lotions is good idea to having cloud around you. It will be softer than EDT.

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    Default Re: Need Help With Perfume Oils

    I just usually apply a drop or two to my wrists and chest area, and that's enough for "close to the skin" scent. You don't want to over do it [smiley=laugh.gif]
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