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    Could anyone please enlighten me, as I'm confused as to whether this wonderful perfume ( Annick Goutal's le jasmin) is a limited edition or not.

    The nice chap at Harrods has told me I'd better stock up as it's going to be withdrawn v. soon, whereas Les Senteurs has informed me that it's now part of the permanent collection.

    Does anybody know for sure?

    By the way, this is the purest, truest, most beautiful jasmin creation you could ever hope to sniff if you're a jasmin afficionado.

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    I don't know about Le Jasmin, but I read that Des Lys is available again in a limited re-edition. Des Lys is a very rich, intense, green floral scent; and if ever I could say that a liquid resembles a living flower, it would be Des Lys. I don't believe that I've ever smelled a fragrance that truly makes me feel that I am in the presence of a living flower complete with lush green leaves, and completely void of any artificiality such as Des Lys makes me feel. Whether true to the Casablanca red lily or not, it's simply mesmerizing. If Le Jasmin is anything like Des Lys, then I understand your feelings about it. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    You may not be alone in wondering what is going to happen to a Goutal fragrance : In May last year, I was told in Lyon that L'eau du fier was to be withdrawn in the autumn, and now they tell me they still stock it and they never had any intention of discontinueing it ...

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