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    Default Gift for my wife --- need advice, please


    I am a complete neophyte to this mysterious world of scent, although I do tend to have a strong opinion on what I like and what I don't. I have stumbled across this site and have been reading the posts diligently to get some basic knowledge.

    I am trying to buy a fragrance for my wife, that is well fresh and sophisticated but doesn't dry down overly sweet. She has in the past worn Le Must by Cartier, and I happened to pick up Tobacco Flower from the Body Shop for her. Although, I imagine the latter would be considered very pedestrian here, she seems to like it and I think it suits her really well. When she wore Le Must, we were both much younger and imagined ourselves to be sophisticated city dwellers, whereas as now we life in the country and I find my wife to carry herself with elegance and confidence.

    I have read with interest about the recommendation in the shower fresh scent thread, and from that I have gleaned a couple of options to seek out:

    Eau de Givenchy

    And while I am not partial to florals, I must say that the vivid descriptions of the symphony of notes has me curious, even about Voleur de Rose when in general I cannot stand the smell of rose!

    What I am looking for is something complex, but subtle. She generally doesn't like to wear scents too much as she doesn't think it appropriate in a professional setting, whereas I think that the right scent can come of as both professional and elegant. And I guess I am open to the idea of getting her a day scent and an evening scent.

    Your guidance would be most appreciated.

    I am in Canada, BTW, so I guess L'Occitane could also be an option.

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Gift for my wife --- need advice, please

    This is not a perfume/cologne, but a good quality body splash called "Fleur de Vigne" by Caudalie is never floral, and is light, refreshing, subtle and balanced. It also has the advantage of a base that fights agains the aging effects of free radicals on the skin, which is good if one is outdoors a lot. I think I saw it on the Aedes De Venustas website - they have a sampler program for their fragrances. It would make a lovely "spring" gift.
    Don't apologise for liking a "pedestrian" fragrance. After all these years, I still love Jean Nate body splash. It never gets old for me... and it was something I used to be able to pick up when I went into my local grocery store. Good luck on your search.

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    Default Re: Gift for my wife --- need advice, please

    Hello there,

    If your wife doesn't like to smell flowery, might I suggest Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum for day-wear (not the Cologne). I work fairly intimately with the public (sounds a bit riske) [smiley=wink.gif] and wear this most days. It's a clean-smelling sandalwood/musk fragrance that isn't sharp or intrusive.

    I think it's ideal for professional wear. People often say how nice it is.

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    Default Re: Gift for my wife --- need advice, please

    May I this order, go onto a site that explains what the notes are in every scent. I like the Fragrance Finder, Sephora. Get an idea of the base notes that you both enjoy and then in which cologne you will find those notes. Everytime you go into a store with fragrances, (higher end, of course) either pick up a few samples or have her place a scent on each wrist & her neck. Go home with those 3 scents & experience how they adjust to her body chemistry. You will know the right one when you find it, but may run into a difference of opinion if you both like opposite notes. Be willing to branch out until you find it. I was shocked to fall in love with Jill Sander- Sensations, in my desire to find patchouli, amber, vanilla, etc. all in one. Try Donna Karen, Cashmere- Mist & Gucci- Rush. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Gift for my wife --- need advice, please

    I'm thinking it could be interesting for you and your wife to test some in the Chanel line. I'm suggesting this line because many of them are very sophisticated and understated as well as beautifully done (MHO of course.) There are also quite a few to choose from and they all have that signature Chanel-ness that, to me, says "class." One of my favorites- Bois des Iles, springs forth zingy and citrusy and matures to a creamy, soft sandalwood with hints of orange flower and lilac. Whenever I wear it my husband says I smell very fresh and clean. Sometimes you can find mini parfums of it on ebay. Unfortunately the counters at dept. stores will probably not carry it. I'm unsure of Chanel boutiques in Canada, but if you can find one they most likely will have it. I like it in the parfum but try the Eau de Toilette as well. Easier to find in Chanel is Cristalle and No 19, as well as the classic No 5. If you can try them in Eau de Toilette and Eau de parfum (even parfum!) all the better. The formulations between concentrations in this line are vastly different, so experiment. Others to try from the line are Gardenia (more citrus and fresh, soft jasmine than heavy floral,) Allure, Une Fleur, and Coco Mademoiselle (although I find this one can be strong; lightly it's very pleasant.) I personally am partial to No 22 and Coco, both in parfum, although these might not be quite what you are looking for as the former is very floral and the later powerfully Oriental. Although, if your wife used to wear Must, she may also enjoy Coco.

    To get more info go to Look under "Chanel" and then "Fragrances."
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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