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Thread: Summer by Kenzo

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    Default Summer by Kenzo

    Well, I was a little surprised to hear that Kenzo was releasing a second fragrance with the name Summer in the title, albeit this time in English...

    I got a chance to test it this week and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It is a nice departure from all the fruity florals that are pervading the market, and I thought overall it was a comforting and pleasant fragrance, if perhaps slightly powdery.

    The notes are wonderful with Bergamot, Citron, Mimosa, Violet, Almond Milk, Musk, Cedar, Styrax.

    I was wondering how other people feel about this one?


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    Default Re: Summer by Kenzo

    I posted on this right before the ezBoard was totally abandoned.

    I disliked this one; I feel it's something that had a bit of potential, but I ultimately didn't care for it. I've since tried it a second time since writing the ezBoard review, and I actually liked it less the second time around. The almond note is nice, there's a brief sort of creamy thing going on early in its development, and I'm always glad to see the sunny mimosa note show up in a scent. But I don't really care for the jabbing, needle-like quality of the white florals. White florals and mimosa combined with the synthetic hairspray notes that dominate the scent's drydown, it sort of smells like a cheap, bargain-basement version of Jardins de Bagatelle (via Aqua Net, perhaps). I hate to play the hairspray card - I wish there was a more original way to describe it - but that's what it smells like. Kenzo's new Summer makes me wish autumn was here already...

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    I think it's one of the better releases of the year. A lovely warm bouquet of dewy flowers. No wonder that after KenzoFlower's huge success, Kenzo chose to work with Alberto Morillas again. He is a master when it comes to combine "headspace" notes, he is one of the few where the result does indeed smell like real living flowers and not synthetic. Try his candle line Misensir for which he did a fantastic white rose (Rose Blanche) and a very fresh piony (Pivione du Matin).

    If you like mimosa also try the very nice Pure Désir Mimosa by Yves Rocher. For the cheap price it's really of super high quality. It was composed by Annick Ménardo (Lolita Lempicka, Hypnotic Poison, Visit, Stella Cadente). This one is more of a spring bouquet than KenzoSummer, thought it too has that touch of almond.

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    Default Re: Summer by Kenzo

    Tried it on paper: yuck!

    Tried it on skin and smelled it on co-workers: yummy!

    Mimosa is indeed a lovely note (Check out the L'Occitane Mimosa scent if you like it) and the almondmilk develops very nicely on skin.
    It's not too sweet, not too flowery, not too heavy to wear it in the summer but not weak. All in all, a very well done scent. It reminds of something, I can't put my finger on it, it evokes some memories in me...

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    Default Re: Summer by Kenzo

    very nice fragrance fresh and natural . good job kenzo

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    Default Re: Summer by Kenzo

    I didn't like it at all. It reminded me of Clinique's Simply. Must be the almond/milky notes that I don't care for.

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    Default Re: Summer by Kenzo

    I tried this the other day at Sephora and i thought it was AWESOME!!!! I'm going back tomorrow to try it again and probably buy a bottle of it.

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