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    Default Farewell, Yohji?

    In Luca Turin's blog (, he writes about men's scents women can wear and closes with this:

    But if after all these adventures you want to settle down with an invisible companion for life, then try my favourite: Yohji Homme, composed by Patou perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez. But step on the gas, they're discontinuing it when stocks run out.

    So if Yohji Homme is to be discontinued, what about its distaff companion, Yohji? After all, Yohji is getting nearly impossible to find in many online sellers, with many having only ancillary body products for sale. I suspected Yohji's days were numbered especially when the new scent was launched, and its name was announced as "Yohji Yamamoto pour Femme." This is indicative of a house wanting to relaunch its line from scratch, of a house wanting to erase what came before and start anew. Why this is, I don't know: Yohji is one of the better designer scents of the past decade-plus. But if Yohji Homme is going - after all, there is a new Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme, too - I'm pretty sure the more-scarce Yohji is doomed to extinction, too. I'm not hopeful for Yohji's continuing survival if Turin's news of Yohji Homme's demise is correct. It looks like Yohji fans had better start stockpiling; it's already getting harder to find Yohji these days...

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    Default Re: Farewell, Yohji?

    Well, I'll let my son know about the Yohji Homme -- he really likes it and will probably want to order another bottle or two.

    I like the Yohji Essential, which has been almost impossible to find anyway and the Yohji bottle is definitely one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

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