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    Default Lulu Guinness/Pink Pearls

    The last day on the EZ boards someone said they really wanted this fragrance and before i had a chance to post a reply it went down. So here is my reply to the person that said they wanted this fragrance. Its VERY nice. Its light and refreshing. Perfect for summer. Its has a nice apricot/peachy thing going on and dries down to a very smooth amber scent. This is a very nice fragrance from lulu. I had her first one but the dry down was WAY to powdery although the initial spritz was a gorgeous lilie. And her Life is a Bed of Roses was horrid!!!! It smelled of molded, mildewey, bacteria infested, cobweb covered roses. I think you will like Pink Pearls though.

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    Default Re: Lulu Guinness/Pink Pearls

    Hey, Steve! I'm the one looking for the Lulu Guinness Pink Pearls (Put On Your Pearls, Girls). Got your PM and I responded but I guess the ezboard went down before you got my response. [smiley=rolleyes.gif]

    Since I'm thinking of buying it unsniffed, I most especially appreciate your impression and opinion! [smiley=dankk2.gif]

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    Default Re: Lulu Guinness/Pink Pearls

    "Bacteria infested, cobweb covered roses..." Rofl!

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