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    Default Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    Parfums Christian Dior (LVMH) has reinvented a legend with Miss Dior Chérie, a modern take on the renowned original Miss Dior fragrance, created in 1947 by Christian Dior himself to complement his revolutionary first collection known as the New Look.

    Dior often described fragrances as being “an open door to a closed world”, Parfums Christian Dior president Claude Martinez explained. Created by Christian Dior’s artistic director John Galliano, Miss Dior Chérie is for the new Dior girl, and the company hopes that the scent will serve as a door to the luxury world for today’s fun youth.

    The brand describes the scent as sugar and spice. It will be embodied by Galliano’s newest muse Riley Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) in a print campaign to break globally along with the launch in May, with a television ad to follow.

    The launch of Miss Dior Chérie coincides with the summer festivities taking place in Dior’s hometown of Granville, France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. An exhibition called Christian Dior…Man of the Century will be held at the Christian Dior Museum from May 15 through September.

    Martinez tells that he expects Miss Dior Chérie to be “a very big launch”. Miss Dior Chérie comes in 50ml and 100ml EdPs priced €65.60 and €93.34, respectively.

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    Default Re: Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    "Sugar and spice?!"

    Oh, God help us! *Is this what Dior has been reduced to? *Parfums Christian Dior has been releasing crap for years now, and that's just been the way things have been. *Fine, understandable. *LVMH owns them, and no one can screw up a fine fragrance house like LVMH. *But to actually have them tampering with the name of Miss Dior, that's sacrilege. *Why not dig up the man's corpse while they're at it and dress him in those awful anoxeric prissy boy Hedi Slimane outfits and drag him around to all the Saks Fifth Avenue outlets to promote what is almost destined to be another sugary sweet synthetic light floral in the same vein as Chris 1947 and Dior Me, Dior Me Not and every other crap airport floral they've been cranking out in the last half-dozen years. *While the original Miss Dior, Diorella, Dioressence, Diorissimo, Dolce Vita, and their true greats languish unpromoted, they keep cranking out the crap. *Now they have to sully the very name of one of their true masterpieces, just as they've besmirched the name of Poison with the horrendous Pure Poison this year. *Miss Dior is not sugar-and-spice! *It is nowhere near being sugar-and-spice! *Why on earth would anyone even think of labeling a sugar-and-spice scent as "Miss Dior"? *That's like labeling a manly chypre as Chanel No. 5! *(Who knows, with the way things are going these days...)

    Can't someone rescue Parfums Christian Dior from LVMH? *(And Guerlain while you're at it?)

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    Default Re: Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    WHAT???!!! [smiley=shocked.gif]

    They're gonna do WHAT to my beloved Miss Dior?!!

    No way! Miss Dior is genius just as it is. And who the heck reinvents a chypre as "sugar-and-spice" anyway? (Maybe if your target marketing audience is the Lindsay-Lohan-Hillary-Duff fan club..."Sophisticated is so out this season, Daaaaaahling. Bland and cookie-cutter is the new Black!&quot

    They better not discontinue the original.

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    Default Re: Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    Maybe Annick Goutal will sue Parfums Dior for using the word "Chérie" (Petite Chérie). Afterall they did sue (and won) Elizabeth Taylor for using "Passion" for her first fragrance.

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    Default Re: Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    Jumping on the outraged bandwagon. How could they? Even more incomprehensible, why? Is the sugar'n'spice club interested in any take at all on Miss Dior? Do they even know what Miss Dior is? And pity the poor Miss Dior fan who is blindsided by this.

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    Default Re: Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    Dior has reached a new low. [smiley=embarassed.gif]
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Miss Dior Chérie: a classic reinvention

    I'm not bashing it until I've smelled it, but *why* do they have to rehash old ideas and warp them into something that has nothing to do with the original? Ok, maybe I can guess why (half the battle is won with a brand that is already well known, so they save heaps of money), but I'm so bored with it. So bloody bored with it.

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