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    Default A Question to MOTHERS...

    I am expecting my first child within a month, and I *am wondering what kind of fragrance will be suitable for my baby? *

    I wonder if anyone have tried BURBERY BABY TOUCH, BULGARI or GUERLAIN LA PETIT ?

    can perfumes be used from the first weeks?

    for me there is nothing more inocent like the smell of a baby skin.

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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    Taz, how exciting for you. Do you have a name for your baby yet? I am only familiar with the baby perfumes by name only and not by use. Maybe some of the newer mothers can be of more help. I'm just chiming in to say congratulations. The only advice I would have is to check them out thoroughly before using on a newborn baby. I'm sure they are as safe as Johnson's Baby Lotion, but I would not take anything for granted.

    Let us know when the big day arrives!

    JAG [smiley=laugh.gif]

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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    You dare ...

    Leave perfumes away for the first few months. Same for yourself.
    The baby needs to learn your smell not your perfume.

    Then start slowly.

    Have a great time and enjoy being a mother. all the best


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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    yes, i'm not a mother and never will be! but I agree with LiquidE. *Let the baby bond to your natural smell for a while just as you will bond to her/his smell.

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!! [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]


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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    CONGRATULATIONS, Taz! Fabulous news! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    I haven't sampled any of the fragrances you've mentioned and it sounds like you're getting sage advice. Mustela makes a fragrance called Musti. Here's some information on both, from the Sephora website:

    The skincare specialist for babies and mothers-to-be.
    The Mustela philosophy is simple: Offer effective, easy to use products of the highest quality, designed to fit the specific needs of the user, whether it be a newborn baby or an expecting mother. Dedicated to the science of infant skin care, Mustela products have been used in hospitals since 1950. Their laboratories continually strive to produce the most innovative products on the market all hypoallergenic, alcohol free, and safe enough to be used in hospital nurseries worldwide.

    Musti Eau de Soin is a delightful combination of alcohol-free Eau de Senteur (tender aromas of flowers and fresh fruits) with extracts of plants renowned for their softening properties.

    By the way, they offer stretch mark creme as well as a "Newborn Set" of skin care products.

    Newborn Set
    It's never too soon to start a good skin care regime! These gentle products are formulated for newborn skin focus on protection and prevention.Presented in a reusable clear tote, this set contains: 5.07 oz Froam Shampoo For Newborns, 50 ml Cleansing Lotion, 1.9 oz Vitamin Barrier Cream, and a 10.1 oz Moisturizing and Softening Body Lotion plus a cuddly fleece Musti Bear pillow, all tucked safely into a clear, drawstring pouch.

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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    Taz, how exciting! Congratulations! I'm a mom and grandmom. I tend to agree with those who said to let the baby learn your natural scent, especially if you nurse. Children seem to develop allergies awfully young, too. That wonderful clean baby smell is something that a perfume cannot duplicate and I don't think I would want to tamper with it anyway.

    Let us know "when"! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    What an exciting time for you. Wishing all the best for yourself and your baby.

    I agree with the others who have advised not to use any perfumes. Neither on the baby nor on yourself, for the reasons already mentioned. Plus a baby would not be able to appreciate perfume anyway; it needs to smell your natural skin odour.

    Jill (RN). [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    WOW!!! Congrats!!! Wait until you smell your baby!!! You won't want to put anything on your babes.......You will be inhaling your child at every least i did....burying my face in my son's belly and the side of his neck and sniffing the top of his head. Really......babies smell amazing and they each have their own scent. Some are earthy some are sort of powdery some sweeter......

    The person who can truly capture baby essence and put in perfume will make a mint.

    and as everyone else said....don't wear perfume around your wee one.....its not healthy .....their lungs are developing and you have your own distint scent too

    Again....wonderful news!!!!

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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...


    I am so happy for you!
    That is so exciting!

    There are going to be two parts for asnwerign your question - the emotional (for both you and the baby) and the physical (safety of using perfumes on babies).

    There is nothing more precious and beaitful than the smell of a newborn baby. So I would not recommend wearing anything around them and getting to know the scent of your baby and letting the baby get to know the parents' smell.
    A newborn baby's smell is so special that nothing should ruin it (including baby products of all sorts).

    Now to the physical aspect, even though those perfumes may be tuted as safe by the manufacturer - I would not recommend using them on a newborn baby.
    In fact, I wouldn't recommend using anything but water to wash babies. That is what I did with my daughter and honestly babies do not need soap - it is more harmful than anything since their skin is so gentle and also they don't really get "dirty"!
    I would suggest using no lotions or powder or soap of any sort, and especially not scented products.
    To avoid diaper rash, I used to put either olive oil or wheat germ oil on my baby (it protects the skin from the acids etc.). And of course change the diapers often... Once she did get a bad diaper rash and I used a natural cream that contained beeswax and herbal extracts and did wonders in healing the skin really fast.

    As for fragrances, I think the "baby" perfumes are best to be worn by the parents and the family around the baby rather than apply them to the baby's delicate skin (when the baby is a few months old after the intial bonding and after the baby is already having an established feeding and sleeping routine). I think only after 2 years old is ok for a baby to wear perfume - and I recommend so even with my own all-natural baby and children's perufmes. Perfumes are just a very strong thing for such young babies to use, and they don't need them.



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    Default Re: A Question to MOTHERS...

    thanks alot everyone for your feelings & I Apologise for not repling in time due to the new logging in problem.

    well this what I thought about at first that there is nothing more inocent than the smell of a baby skin.

    me & my wife are still strugling with name but I think that we still have enough *time, since we are expecting our little miracle at the mid of May.

    well regarding the baby's perfumes *I think that at the age of 18 months might be fine to add few drops of a light fragrance on the baby's clothes -before wearing them- & not directly on the skin, espicaly for the social or formal occassions.

    did anyone have experinced the brands baby's perfumes like BURBERY BABY TOUCH, BULGARI ,GUERLAIN LA PETIT or others? any comments on these to be used for a Grown up baby.

    thanks again for ur warm feelings & emotions

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