After Escada's Rockin'Rio and MPG's Bahania, Balmain makes also a Brazilian themed fragrance...

Balmain’s fragrance for the forest.
French couture house Balmain has released Eau d’Amazonie, a new women’s fragrance. The launch, which coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Balmain House, marks a new initiative to support Aquaverde, a water-protection and reforestation program in the Amazon. For the sale of each bottle, €1 will contribute to the development of the Pierre Balmain Spring project in the Tapayos National Forest in Brazil.

Eau d’Amazonie, a floral oriental formulated by French perfumer Marie-Aude Couture, features a mix of mango, pepper berries, gardenia and passion flower over a base of vanilla pod and wacapou wood. It comes in a graded green-to-orange frosted bottle, packaged in a colorful painting of a flower, designed by Alban Behagle.

The EdT, priced €55 for 100ml, will launch exclusively in Balmain’s Parisian store in April before launching worldwide in May.

Naomi Marcoulet