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    Default REVIEW: Flowerbomb

    Flowerbombs away!

    Wow, what a waste of an opportunity. Well, when people made the comparison between Angel and Prada, and you never saw the link, get a whiff of Flowerbomb. It's the missing link between the two. It's Angel for people allergic to chocolate. It's low-fat Diet Prada. Honestly, I suspect that somewhere in the L'Oréal factory, they're really just pouring a certain part Angel, a certain part Prada, and a dash of pink dye into these little hand grenade bottles - Oh, excuse me, according to the sales associates, they're diamonds! - and calling it Flowerbomb. [smiley=rolleyes.gif]

    For a fragrance that's supposed to be a "Flowerbomb," the flowers are particularly inconspicuous. There are supposed to be roses in it, but I'm not picking them out. Flowerbomb is more like flowermush. There's also allegedly a tea topnote, but who can smell it through all the cotton candy? As sweet as it is, perhaps "Sugarbomb" might have been a more fitting name. Unlike Angel, it doesn't have the richness of the chocolate note or the vibrant tropical fruits, and the patchouli base is much more muted. By substituting vanilla for chocolate, Flowerbomb plays as more cloying. (It also seems to have some of the very trendy amber that's in Prada, Scent, Daim Blond, Bois d'Argent, Cinéma, etc.) But without the labdanum and musk of Prada, Flowerbomb is just leaner, less sensual, and less substantial than the Prada.

    With Flowerbomb, I've smelled this before - and smelled this recently - and I've definitely smelled it better. Even the new floral Angels are so very similar. Okay, the hand grenade bottle's fun. And it is a hand grenade. (It even has a pin, for Pete's sake.) The scent's called "Flowerbomb." The hand grenade concept just makes sense. The exorbitant price - higher even than most artisanal fragrances - doesn't make sense, though. I mean, come on, this is a fragrance from L'Oréal, the same people who make lipsticks they sell at the supermarket.

    As far as I'm concerned, Flowerbomb may go down as the disappointment of the year. Of course, they appeared to be selling this hand over fist yesterday, but I really wonder how long anyone's infatuation with this stuff would ever last. It's terribly disposable. I think Viktor & Rolf are going to find it a self-fulfilling prophecy, putting the word "bomb" in their scent's name...

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Flowerbomb

    I only have three words to say

    "I TOTALLY AGREE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Flowerbomb

    Thanks for the review, Serpent. For some odd reason, I wasn't the tiniest bit interested in sampling Flowerbomb until I read your comments. But now I'm at least mildly curious. [smiley=dankk2.gif]

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Flowerbomb

    I hate the name. Sounds kind of.....dumb. [smiley=thumbdown.gif]

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Flowerbomb

    Yeh. It's a stupid name. Entirely inappropriate bottle. Outrageously overpriced. But it's LOVELY!

    If you like creamy florals like Creme Bouquet then it could be for you. Mashed up flowers, mixed with vanilla, a dash of soft fruit. Yummy! I'm seriously tempted to buy it.


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