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    Default La Prairie Silver Rain

    I've smelled this ultraexpensive scent at Needless Markups a few weeks ago; another super fruity light floral not unlike the teen-oriented releases by Givenchy or Ralph Lauren. For a high-end, high-price release that's exclusive to Neiman Marcus (though I think it's now at Saks, too), I was quite taken aback. It's certainly not my idea of a luxurious, high-end, elegant fragrance.

    Oh, well. At least the bottle's cool. :P

    But what do you folks think? Anyone else here sampled Silver Rain yet?

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    Whoo, pricey, indeed. I just ran across this an hour ago at Saks on line. They would have to work a miracle with those ingredients to merit those prices. At least IMO cuz they don't lean toward my preferences.

    The purse spray holds three 0.25 vials but the LE, $2,000 sterling silver cachette holds vials of not only Silver Rain but companion scents of Silver Sensuality and Silver Spice, each 0.50 oz. Would have to see that to totally comprehend.

    Yes, the bottle would complement the decor of my mansion beautifully but doesn't sound like a fragrance I would go for.

    Thanks Serp; glad you didn't report it was a "to die for" fragrance.

    JAG ;D

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    I sampled this from a perfumed pad in my last Saks brochure. The drydown on my skin is a soft, clean, powdery scent and yet there is something too familiar, too sweet, and too annoying about it.

    I think this fragrance has been done before and perhaps many times. For all of its luxurious notes and its hefty price tag, it's quite common and ordinary. I don't like it at all, so it will probably be a best-seller and win many awards. :

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    But did you get those top notes? The tutti-frutti sweetness was shocking to me! It's like Ralph or something. It was like something aimed at teeny-boppers. I was expecting something elegant, clean, even aquatic, not like fruit punch.

    And, even though the bottle is cool, just try to keep that thing free of nasty fingerprints...

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    I agree with you all. I got the Sax Brochure also and found it ordinary, another repeat of the main stream fruity - floral- easily accessed scents for the young demographic without a developed palate. Lots of words for very little scent. Nice bottle however....

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    Yes, I did get the top notes. This little pad is actually heavily saturated with fragrance. The juicy, fruity top notes are mixed with a bitter green note -- and this is actually the most enjoyable part of the fragrance for me even though I am still not impressed in the least.

    There seems to be something in the heart that is quite out of place and the whole composition screams CHEAP! to me and at this point is musky/fruity/floral, and there must be hundreds of these on the market. I can't understand the use of tuberose or gardenia here. Why not more florals? Why these two? It's my humble and unprofessional opinion that either they do not belong in this fragrance and/or different or more florals are needed -- take them out or blend/enhance them -- but something goes terribly wrong at this point, something so wrong that even the impressive basenotes cannot correct.

    The drydown is not that bad but, again, common and ordinary. JMHO, of course, but I give it a great big BLECH!

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    Not much of a name either. Well, I suppose it could be worse and have been called "Golden Showers". :-/

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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    I found the top notes to be pleasant enough, but the drydown was very common, fruity floral artificial smelling. It indeed smells like something that's been done a million times. I much preferred Un Jardin Sur le Nil, the Hermes new release. The green mango scent was lovely and I could not stop smelling my wrist.


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    Default Re: La Prairie Silver Rain

    Quote Originally Posted by Primavera1000
    Not much of a name either.
    The name and the bottle make me shiver; they make me feel cold. It looks to me like the mercury in the tip of the old glass thermometers. Gosh, I really have serious negative feelings about this fragrance. Baffling. ???

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