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    Well....someone sent me this sample and I've been giving it a sniff today....Very lovely...very Angel like but dries down to a lovely soft fragrance...It is expensive however! I think you can get it in a smaller size but the regular size is $125.

    Jailia Eau de Parfum
    by Profumo di Pantelleria

    the scoop
    A riot of rich, luscious fruit dripping with velvety honey. The seductive buzz of patchouli. This is a goddess scent. It mellows into a soft, spicy sweetness with the lazy sensuality of a cat stretching in the late afternoon sun. Beautifully layered, the honey is cradled in chocolate and vanilla, but never disappears into it. An enveloping golden aura of a fragrance, wickedly luxurious and deeply sexy.

    Jailia notes
    bitter orange, bergamot, pineapple, peach, red fruits, honey, patchouli, vanilla, chocolate, ambergris the subject...where do I get the best price on L'Artisan? I love this Amber Extreme.

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    This is what else it says on the carded sample....

    Jailia, the Princess of the City of Sand, immortal, sweet, winning, and beautiful, decided one day that she would give herself to the person who found The Dream.
    Noblemen and sultans came to the City of Sand bearing rare and precious gifts.
    A Warrior clothed in blue silk came to Jailia. Alighted from his black horse, approached the Princess and offered her an ampoule saying:
    "The essences in this perfume are born in an enchanted garden" Jailia had non doubts.
    She loved the Warrior. And today Jailia's Perfume is bestowed only to the Women who believe in Fairy Stories and Dreams.

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    Even though Angel has too much patchouli, and is too strong for me, I love Jaila. It is everything I hoped Angel would be.
    For Ambre Extreme, you may want to check out It is a Canadian site so the shipping fee is a little high ($12 if I recall correctly) but they have a good price ($74) on AE because someone ordered a quantity from them to use as gifts to their wedding party, and after the shipment came in, cancelled the order.

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    I LOVe the Perfume Shoppe. Naz is wonderful. Got my George Sand from her at a very discounted price.

    I'm thinking I really like this Jailia.....It is soft and sexy.

    FYI though....I REALLY am NOT crazy about the ANGEL spray....If you REALLY want the BEST of Angel...DO try the body cream...I only use the spray VERY lightly....I mainly use the body cream and the powder is so divine I cannot tell you....

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    Just got a sample of Jailia today- have yet to try it. Angle deosn't work for me, so maybe this one will.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Uh-oh, Glorious One! What have you unearthed?! This sounds like a definite must-try ASAP!

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    Well- tried this one last night. One me Jailia opens similar to Angel Innocent and closes way too similar to Angel. On the first hand it's too much like AI to warrant a purchase. On the second hand it's too much like Angel for me to be able to wear it with success.

    The opening notes are interesting with fruit, spices a bit of chocolate. Deep into the heart it's too much powdery patchouli over chocolate notes. This is where she starts to really smell like Angel to me (sans the alcohol note that always comes out in the real Angel on me.) Then the closing is bit on the musty side with nothing but earth, patchouli and powder. Not my thing. The opening is pleasant though, if not just a bit too familiar.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Yep! that's what I thought. :-/

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    Thanks for the review, Artisankey. Still a must-try for me! Especially after reading ...bit on the musty side with nothing but earth, patchouli and powder.

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