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    Default How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    A question for you frag-o-philes:

    I've recently acquired several bottles of parfum with the classic ground glass stopper. I seem to remember, as a little boy, watching my mom use the stopper to dot perfume onto her skin. Is that the preferred way? Or does touching the stopper to the skin result in some contamination of the juice, which might shorten its shelf life? The bottles I'm talking about are 1/2 ounce or 15 ml, so I don't want to try to "splash" the perfume out of the bottle.

    Thanks for your advice.
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    Default Re: How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    I usually don't use the stoppers: I just hold my fingertip over the bottle opening and tip the bottle a bit until I feel the liquid, then dab from my fingertip: I feel like I have better control that way. I know I've read from other people who are worried about transferring body oils or flakes of skin (ewww :P ) back to the fragrance, but that always leaves me wondering, "How oily or flakey can one person's skin be?" ??? : I might worry a bit more if I had a larger amount of parfum (say 1 oz or more) in a bottle: in that case, I'd probably use a pipette to decant a bit into a little personal atomizer.

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    Default Re: How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    I always use the stopper, but I like Dinner and Mutation no.1 bottles so much that I think that a dropper bottle would be great idea for other parfums, too!
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    Default Re: How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    I do whatever.............. I think your finger and oil can discolor the perfume. I started using little spatulas with my body creams because it did discolor the cream but ....who cares??

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    Default Re: How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    I love using the stopper of the perfume bottle to apply fragrance. It is not in contact with the perfume after you've used it to apply fragrance, it sits above the liquid.
    I do use a small spatula to apply body creams that are in a jar.

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    Default Re: How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    I used to use a cotton ball, but that seemed like it wasted so much perfume. Now I decant into smaller bottles or roll-on bottles.
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    Default Re: How To Apply Parfum From A "Stoppered" Bottle?

    i too love the dropper idea...or i use a pipette..always trying NOT to contaminate the fragrance...i have very dry skinin the winter so would not want to touch skin with stopper
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