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    Default sProblems with Possible Perfume Spoilage

    Mayhaps some of you can help me...

    I purchased a bottle of KM Gourmandises about two months ago, from a local Pittsburgh store. I still love the fragrance, the fragrance (to my nose) still smells the same.

    BUT, there's a fine dust collecting at the bottom of the bottle. It's not soluble in the liquid, and when you shake the bottle, it just throws up the dust and makes that beautiful amber-colored juice cloudy.

    I have taken good care of this bottle (of course!) It's been kept with my other bottles, in its box, cap intact. The temp. in my room generally doesn't go above 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit in the wintertime, and definitely not anywhere NEAR freezing point (the heat is always on). Also, none of my other fragrances seemed to have change. Not even the infamously unstable, easily spoiled Petite Cherie. Just this one bottle.

    I'm a huge fan of Keiko Mecheri scents, and I really do like this scent. But I'm definitely not crazy about having this dust in my bottle, particularly when it cost me about 100 dollars.

    I've already contacted them by email, but I'm not particularly expecting a response back. Dunno whether anyone else has had this problem or has ever contacted Keiko Mecheri before.

    Please, any insights you can give me would be welcome.


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    Default Re: sProblems with Possible Perfume Spoilage

    Why don't you take it back to the store, Juvy? See what they have to say about it and you can also examine their other bottles of Gourmandises while you're there.

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    Default Re: sProblems with Possible Perfume Spoilage

    I am so sorry to hear about that Juvy. I have never seen that happen to a fragrance before but I bought several bottles of Sephora Brown massage oil a year ago because I love the scent and I was concerned it was going to be discontinued. After a few months, there was a little dark brown spot at the bottom of the bottles. When I shook it, tiny little bits floated around then eventually settle on the bottom again. The oil still seems fine though ~ the scent is perfect and the oil feels great on my skin. I let it settle, and then decanted most of it into other bottles, leaving the sediment, for lack of a better term, in the original bottle to throw away. This may not work for you though because the sprayer apparatus extends down to the bottom of your bottle. also sells KM Gourmandises. If you ever order something from them, maybe you could call in your order and ask to speak to Marcy and ask her if she's ever seen anything like that. She may have an idea about what you can do.
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