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    Default Does "Fragranza Concentrata" translate to parfum?

    Please pardon my ignorance but I am contemplating a swap for a fragrance that has the words "Fragranza Concentrata" on the bottle. The other swapper is unsure but assumes that means it is parfum. Since this site has so many European posters, I thought I'd ask about it here. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Does "Fragranza Concentrata" translate to parf

    It could mean a lot of things. "Fragranza Concentrata" means nothing more than concentrated fragrance which could mean almost everything. Serge Lutens for example uses the term "haute concentration" for some fragrances. That means high concentration, in Daim Blond the concentration is 20%.

    What size is bottle? Perfume usually comes in bottles that aren't bigger than 15ml (0.5 fl.oz).
    If the bottle is bigger it's more likely to be a stronger eau de toilette or eau de parfum. Chanel for example uses the term "concentrŽe" for stronger, eau de parfum like, eau de toilettes (for their mens scents).

    Hope this helps a little


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    Default Re: Does "Fragranza Concentrata"

    Thank you so very much Timothy. The bottle in question is Acqua Chiara from i Profumi Di Firenze and is 12 ml. The ingredients state parfum and alcohol denat, which makes me tend to think it is EDP. I'll probably pass on this swap.
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