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Thread: Am I right?

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    Default Am I right?

    Hello PPl!
    They smell like twins for me "Eau du Sud"(AG) and "Givrine" (E.Coudray)
    Can somebody give an explanation by basenotes?
    I love them :
    I am new here and English is'n my first 8)

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    Hi Liah ;D

    I did a search and came up with this information from two different sites.

    Eau de Sud: (Citrus) Mandarine Lemon Grapefruit Bergamot Minty. Perfume Encyclopedia

    Givrine: (Citrus) A veritable whirlwind of woody, floral, fruity, spicy, and vanilla scents... Perfumed notes, sparkling and light, tender and romantic, warm and brazen...draw you into their seductive dance. Four Seasons Products This one doesn't list the ingredients but it is classified as citrus.


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    Merci madam
    my nose is deaf ;D :'( and ears as well ;D
    but never before It was that much in citrus ;D

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