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    Default Narciso Rodriguez perfume oil or EDT?

    we all love this urban 'sex and the city' floral musk fragrance...which of the two versions do you prefer or own?

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez perfume oil or EDT?

    I'll have to ask to be excused from the "we all love" category.

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez perfume oil or EDT?

    The EDT (For Her) gave me a headache and made my eyes burn. I found it way too "perfumey". The oil (Musc For Her) is quite nice though. The creams and lotions are very nice too.
    The following is from their website:
    "The first and most important quality of a fragrance should be its ability to tell a story. Every story has a beginning, and for Narciso Rodriguez, that beginning was Egyptian Musk, his favorite scent. He was introduced to this mysterious essence by an unforgettable woman he met.
    The inspiration of the Egyptian Musk translated into the final eau de toilette in two steps. First, from Egyptian Musk to Musc for Her, an oil parfum, and then from Musc for Her to For Her , an eau de toilette totally built around the heart of musk, with its multiple, subtle facets. "

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez perfume oil or EDT?

    Never tried it.

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