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    Default That special person, that special scent?

    I know Basenotes has had enough of the what fragrance gets the girls threads, but Valentines Day is on the way, so I though some of us could share a story or two about a scent that produces memories (fond or not) of a loved one, and why.

    For me A*men is very significant, as it reminds me of my girlfriend and the many small milestones in our young relationship.
    In fact A*men was bought the day I went on our first date. Not so much to impress her, but I thought it would match my personality.

    We have been strong ever since.
    My girlfriend is away for two months and A*men just helps bring back the good times whilst she is gone.

    Anyone else willing to give an insight into their world?

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    Default Re: That special person, that special scent?

    Mine would be goste: hub found it because of me and when we got married we both wore it!

    On our first date I wore Salvador Dal, the original women's scent, quite "traditional" and "Mediterranean", with orange blossom, jasmine, rose, myrrh and amber notes.
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    Default Re: That special person, that special scent?

    For me, the most recent "romantic" scent is Penhaligon's L.P. N 9 (F).

    First sent for my wife to try by a very gracious forumite -- I went head over heels for this fragrance!..... I think mostly because of its "uniqueness?!"

    It certainly competes for an award for best Valentines Day gifting. The lavender-pink juice in the nifty bottle with burnished heart and a ribbon screams "Cupid" all the way. Its luxurious fragrance, the beautiful presentation, or maybe just the mystique of old records by The Clovers put this at the top of romantic scents on my wife.

    Sadly, my romantic interest shares L.P. N 9 not only with me but also the entire patronage of our local bowling alley?! She has somehow come to the conclusion that L.P. N 9 "conjures up" ;D a higher bowling average for our league team?!

    Women! ???

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    Default Re: That special person, that special scent?

    My favorite on my husband is Saxon Golden Musk. I don't think it's made any more, but I did track some down on the web. I can't keep my nose off his neck when he wears it. 8)

    White Shoulders and Ysatis bring back bittersweet memories, Jovan's White Musk brings joyful ones, and Aromatics Elixir generates very happy memories because it's what I wore during the first meeting with my husband. Evyan's Most Precious is what I wore on my wedding day, so it definitely falls into a super special category! ;D ;D
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