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    YUM-MEE! This is probably my favorite oriental fragrance of all time. I never hear about it, ever. I first smelled this on a family friend about 12 or so years ago. It takes inspiration from Tabu, Youth Dew, Opium etc and totally improves on it. I'm afraid Dior will eventually discontinue it. It's woody orientalness is very unique and matched by none in my eyes. I've never smelled Diorella though, but would love to. I've actually dreamed about Diorling and Diorama which is quite wierd, I mean how many people in this world dream about perfume? LOL.

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    Here are the notes:

    Top note : Aldehydes, Green Note, Orange, Bergamot

    Middle note : Carnation, Geranium, Rose, Cinnamon

    Base note : Benzoin, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla

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    I just ordered a 3.4 oz from Scentiments and I'm so happy ;D. I have a 1.7 and it only has a tiny bit left so I'm looking forward to the big size. Opulence in a bottle. It's so intoxicating. I recommend this to all oriental/chypre lovers. Before it's all over and done with, I'll probably end up hoarding this one. Don't want to ever be without it.

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    The story behind this one is interesting. Apparently Guy Robert was hired by Dior to create an 'animalic' scent. The scent came to be while he was washing 'rancid whale vomit' (ambergris) off his hands using a Miss Dior scented handsoap, and Dioressence was born. I have an original (vintage?) bottle given to me by a relative years and years ago because I was so into the scent. I don't agree with Luca Turin, the 'new' version is fine with me and very close to the original. I tried the new version months ago and planned on buying it but they only had the tester. I forgot about it for a while, only ocasionally wearing what I have. But tonight while wearing it, I've fallin in love again and decided to purchase a new one. I do wish Dior would bring back the Esprit de Parfum and Extrait though.

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    You're not alone in you love of this. In my opinion, Guy Robert did Miss Dior a big favor by combining her with ambergris! I like most of the other Guy Robert scents too.

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