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    Default Worth - Dans la Nuit (1924)

    I am not sure how this is regarded by you good ladies. My wife has been trying to track it down for some time and I just stumbled upon a bottle yesterday in a small local perfume shop. It is a 'handbag sized' bottle forming part of a five-piece set of original Worth perfumes from the 20s-30s. (see for a description)

    I emailed Worth to see if they still do a larger size and they said not but they do still offer the little set.

    Does this mean it should be described as 'discontinued' or not I wonder............. ???


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    Default Re: Worth - Dans la Nuit (1924)

    I don't really know, Trotsky. Maybe someone else can help you. The Basenotes directory shows Dans la Nuit (reorch 1985/2000) and also shows it as Discontinued.

    Perfume Distributor / 1st Perfume show it as "hard to find" and list eau de toilette and parfum splash, as well as lotion -- very expensive.

    Fragrance Boulevard has the perfumed body oil and the dusting powder very reasonably priced.

    Perfumebay / Perfume Shop have the miniature.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Worth - Dans la Nuit (1924)

    Thank you, Ladylonestar


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