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    This is a nice, unique scent. It's structure is quite different than most. Very heavy on amber and cedarwood. At first you get the unique hit of powdery cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood, then a middle accord of herbaceous spices and a super ambery base of frankincense, myrhh, balsam and raspberry. It's quite a unique scent and the only one that's closely related, to my nose, is Bal A Versialles. Ciara comes in 80, 100 and 200 strength, 200 is best, 100 is very good and 80 is good but a bit more powdery. They all have that Ciara-ness to them. I'll always relate this scent to Daytona Beach when I was 14 because my stepmother wore it with ablomb on that vacation, it smelled so good on here, very ambery and it somehow fit the sweltering heat. I believe she wore the 200 strength in the dab on bottle. I for one hope Revlon never discontinues this scent. It's the best mass market one I think.

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    8) I know a woman who wore this, as her signature. Ciara does not remind me of Bal a Versailles, which was my mother's signature, scent. It reminds me more, of Creed Vanisia. Here are the notes: Oriental-Ambery . . . vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood . . . herbaceous spices . . . Frankincense, balsam, myrrh, raspberry. How about that raspberry, just at the very 'tail,' of this fragrance?? And, balsam?? Interesting.

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    Yeah I don't think that Bal A Versailles and Ciara are indentical or anything but I can sense some similarities, especially in the dry down. Ciara is much sweeter though, and with TONS of sandalwood and cedar. Bal A Versailles starts out really smoky, but it gets so sweet and sexy. BTW I do seem to get that raspberry waaay at the end of Ciara's duration. I think it's a very unique scent and almost abstract in a way. It's so well blended and of pretty good quality for something from Revlon. I think it's very sexy. Smells like 1973 in the best way. 80% strength is the most common and it's harsher IMO not the best representation, the other strengths are *much* better- so smooth and creamy. Love the presentation on the 100 and 200 as well, simple and to the point , great box too!

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    I'm actually thinking this scent might be more vanilla than amber btw.

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    8) I'm telling you, Anthem . . . this reminds me of CREED Vanisia. And I agree about the strengths: they add cachet, to the fragrance. I agree too, that for a 'mass market' scent, this one is interesting. I also liked Norell . . . I think that too, was made by Revlon.

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    I have to wholeheartedly agree about the similarity to Bal a Versailles...the first time I smelt Ciara I instantly thought of BaV.
    However I have never compared them side by side- as in one on each arm at the same time. Isn't it funny how different people seem to perceive fragrances differently?

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    I'm confused. The official Revlon website describes Ciara as 'A truly feminine bouquet of jasmine, orange flower and ylang-ylang'. To me this is a completely different interpretation from the descriptions I've been reading in this thread. Could someone please clarify/explain this?

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