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    I am 36 male.
    My wife keeps telling me that the only perfume she really enjoyed is Lovable. She received one bottle as a gift years ago from a relative.
    I tried to gooogle it and all I can find is that was made by Hanorah in 1985. Apparently is not produced or at least is not selling any more. Do you have any information were I can purchase it?
    Thank you for any help.

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    Certainly there are more out there that she could love. She just hasn't tried them.

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    Ovidiu, carries a fragrance called "Genny" that is made by Hanorah (Diana de Silva is a related brand), which also made Lovable. I would email them to see if they can shed some light or, at least, recommend something similar.

    Also, periodic Ebay searches. Sometimes what you're looking for will just pop up.


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