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    Default fragrance for your man

    Hi girls, just wondering this little question that Im thinking of.

    If you are going to buy a fragrance for your man, what will it be? It doesn't have to be sexy or anything, just a good smell that u can bare with for a long time, like a lifetime. What will that scent be? Also, what type of notes will it be in that scent?

    I know I am such a bother, so I apologize.

    Thanks a million girls, u guys are the best!

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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    When hub wanted another scent to have some variety (he already had goste) he asked me to pick some candidates for him to try. The first pair I asked him to try were Habit Rouge and M7, he picked M7. It was as simple as that! ;D

    I'm partial to Orientals like goste, M7, Japur Homme, Habit Rouge (vintage), Caron Pour un Homme, Obsession for Men... but I find scents with woods and vetiver notes very masculine and attractive on the right guy.

    I'm afraid this wasn't much help but good luck for the search!
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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    Quote Originally Posted by scentless_scent
    ... just a good smell that u can bare with for a long time, like a lifetime.
    So many really. I could spend a lifetime with Yatagan, Caron Pour un Homme, Mouchoir de Monsieur, Coriolan, Aramis, Third Man, Black Vetyver Cafe, Ambre Precieux, Heritage, Habit Rouge, Devin, Lauder for Men, The Baron.... to name a few. I might add Kouros to that list -- I just discovered it recently. And I've still got a lot of men's samples to go through...

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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    The same rules apply for when a man is buying a scent for a woman. Find out what scents he likes to wear, ie what perfume family and notes that are in his favourites by checking the Basenotes directory. Then, buy something that is similar.

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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    I just love Le Male- on the right chemistry it's gorgeous. Opium pour Homme I could easily live with for the rest of my life. Must de Cartier pour Homme is another one I crave on the right man. Orientals obviously don't work on everyone though. I had one old boyfriend who smelled like a million bucks when he wore the green, chypre-ish Polo.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    Agua Lavanda,Polo,Tuscany,Devin,and Opium pour Homme .These are some of the many That I love on my husband

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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    Jaipur Homme
    Gucci Uomo
    Habit Rouge
    Le Male
    Caron Pour un Homme
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    Default Re: fragrance for your man

    scentless my favorites ones are

    angel by thierry
    insense ultramarine by givenchy
    live jazz by y.s. laurent
    photo by lagerfel
    dolce gabanna

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