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Thread: Y in Parfum

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    Has anyone tried Y by YSL in parfum?

    I spotted this in a discount perfume shop,which usually is not a great place for deals or the unusual.

    They were selling 7.5mls for £29.99,I am not sure if Y in parfum is discontinued or just rare. But this is totally amazing!! I have the edp and love it so elegant and feminine. But the parfum is a whole different experience. The oakmoss really comes through giving a soft leather feel to the fragrance. The edp the top notes make me think of Mitsouko but the parfum is not at all similar. To be honest think F.Malle's le Parfum de Therese and this will give you a better idea.
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    8) I too, love 'Y.' I am not familiar with the Malle fragrance that you mention; 'niche' fragrances hold few charms for me. I always found 'Y' edp to be similar to Givenchy III, edp. The 'Y' Parfum is not discontinued, so far as I know . . . and yes, it's a different experience from the other strengths, that 'Y' inhabits. I have found this to be true of many parfum strengths. They smell soooooooo much fuller and deeper and altogether different, from their weaker siblings.

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    Donna, I have only tried EdT because that's the only version I have managed to get my paws on but parfum is on my wishlist. It sounds incredible!
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