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    Default Private Collection & Magie Noire

    Does anyone else these two slightly resemble one another. I feel that Private Collection takes the notes that I like best in Magie Noire and makes them more palatable (sp?) for me. I think it's the hyacyth/galbanum type green note and the cedar and sandalwood in the base. Private Collection is almost like the top notes of Magie Noire but more drawn out with a woodier base and less animal notes and amber. I'm so in love with this fragrance. It just becomes part of me, in a way. It defies's green, yet woody and very slightly oriental but not too much, just enough to make it carnal and sexy. : drool :

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    ??? Hi . . . hmmm . . . I'd never connected these two scents. To me, Private Collection is a lot 'greener,' than Magie Noire. MG I find to be smooth, but abundant at the same time. Quite 'blended,' and to my nose, unisex. PC I find to have a sharper, more pungent expression, with pine, florals, and woods. Not spicy or fruity, like Magie Noire. I may be wrong . . .

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