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    : Thanks to Ladylonestar, I was able again, to Sample MPG's woody floral, George Sand. Quite an expressive, emotive scent. Quite similar to EsteŽ Lauder's Youth Dew, as well. I knew I'd smelled it somewhere, before . . .

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    I love it.

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    I have it on today. LOVE it!

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    ??? Hi Glorious . . . can you tell us why you love this fragrance?

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    OH! Well, let's see. It's a deeply spicy but close to your body scent. It's sweeter than Opium and not as "in your face". It doesn't announce itself before you enter the room. It does resemble parts of Youth Dew....It's just kind of the BEST of Opium, Youth Dew, Cinnebar...Of course...I still will not tell you that I like it more than Opium parfum's very well crafted, balanced.......Oriental that is FINE AS WINE imho! ;D

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    ;D Very nice, Glorious!! Thank you. I especially like the part about 'not liking it better than Opium parfum!' I don't either!! I will say this, though . . . a LITTLE goes a long way with this one . . . don't you agree? They charge you for it, but it seems like a couple sprays'll do ya!!

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    I only wish that I could afford scents such as this! I will just have to take everyone's word for it, that it is a beautiful scent! Several scents that I would love to try are just so out of reach

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    It is beautiful, Chardkay . . . and it seems to me that a tiny application, will go a long way. If that's the way you want to go . . . American women have never taken well to full strength parfum, preferring edt or edp, instead. In France, women prefer the stronger strength. This fragrance strikes me as quite potent, with trail producing sillage. Still, I'd never pay for it.

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    I agree Maris, but if anyone wants to send me sniff, feel free......................

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    Just sayin hey to Charkay!

    - - - Updated - - -

    The Histories de Parfum George Sand IS NOTHING AT ALL LIKE MPG so remember that! It's a sweet fruity floral! Yikes!

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    I'm a big fan of MPG George Sand, especially for cooler weather. I was lucky enough to find a full bottle of this about a year ago.
    Current Top Five:
    1. Bois des Iles--Chanel
    2. George Sand--Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    3. L'Ame Soeur--Divine
    4. Violet Blonde--Tom Ford
    5. Santal Blush--Tom Ford

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    We did a split way back on POL for George Sand. Most people said it was either like a cross between Opium and Youth Dew or Coco and Youth Dew.

    I know its warm,spicy a gorgeous.

    I see it now and then on websites, but it is always out of stock. They should take if off their sites as not way will they get more stock.

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