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    Default New: Gap Scent Editions.

    WWD NEW YORK ų The Gap is hoping to make fragrance into a fashion statement. In March, the retailer will debut Gap Scent Editions, a collection of 12 mix-and-match fragrance oils inspired by the company‚s clothing philosophy.

    „We wanted fragrance that addresses the same things customers are coming to expect from our clothing,š said Robin Forbes, vice president of Gap Personal Care. „[The customer] can blend the scents to make her own personal scent, or just wear one.š

    The collection is partly an offshoot of the brand‚s recent print and TV advertising campaign, which featured Sarah Jessica Parker and the tag line, „How do you wear it?š Each scent was developed to be worn either alone or layered with as many of the other fragrances from the collection as one chooses, according to Forbes.

    „You get to change the fragrance with your mood and style, just as you do with clothing,š she said.

    Developed with Robertet and Cosmo International Fragrances, the collection ranges from Sheer Tuberose, with top notes of clementine leaf and red ginger, middle notes of tuberose and white frangipani and bottom notes of vanilla bean and creamy musk, to Silk Yuzu, with top notes of green mango and pomelo, middle notes of yuzu and rhubarb and bottom notes of fresh bamboo and white tea. A special guide at-counter will be available to help customers create combinations, from „richš (sueded musk and delicate sagemoss) to „retroš (faded jasmine and smooth sandalwood). Other suggested combinations are labeled „saucy,š „nostalgicš and „friendly.š

    „We used emotional words to help people understand the blending process,š said Forbes.

    Retailing for $19.50 each, the perfume oils come in 7-ml. roller-ball bottles with the now-iconic Gap „Est. 1969š button detailing on the caps. The packaging features prints borrowed from the Gap archives on the inside of each box and corresponding canvas sleeves for each bottle.

    „It‚s about buying something, taking it home and discovering something new ų a pocket, binding, etc.,š said Pina Ferlisi, executive vice president of design and product development for Gap. „It‚s about personalizing, how to make it your own and also make it fun and interactive.š

    The fragrance oils will be sold in approximately 180 GapBody stores and 900 Gap stores; all 180 GapBody stores will feature window displays devoted to the scents. While there is no print advertising planned, the company said it will support the launch with direct-mail initiatives.

    The scents are expected to bring in up to $8 million in first-year sales, according to industry sources. Possible plans for the future include a line of ancillaries, but Gap executives say it‚s too early to say for sure.

    „We‚ll look at the success of this and how it evolves,š said Ferlisi.

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    Default Re: New: Gap Scent Editions.

    Well, GAP`s first scents were actually pretty interesting - Grass, Om, Heaven...Everything since then has been pretty disappointing. These don`t sound very promising...


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    Default Re: New: Gap Scent Editions.

    I own Gap Grass and have sampled Gap Om: both terrific scents, but both discontinued (right?). My greatest fear for any scents from the Gap is that, even if the scent's terrific, the Gap doesn't seem interested in keeping their scents in production for more than a season or two, leaving the true fragrance aficionados in the dust. In this case, I'm still interested in trying them, but I think I'd have to stock up immediately if any of them prove to be bottle-worthy.

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    Default Re: New: Gap Scent Editions.

    Well, actually, the Gap scents were released in 1996 I believe, possibly even earlier...Then they disappeared and reappeared again, only to disappear once again. I agree with both Grass, and Om - really easy to wear and enjoyable. I really loved the blueberry note in Heaven but found it a little too sweet for my tastes, like Body Shop Oceanus...

    I`ve been only moderately happy with Banana Republic`s offerings - Classic is just that, I love it for the summertime, but M and Modern are bleh...

    Has Old Navy ventured into fragrance yet? Oh just the thought makes me shudder...they could sell Old Spice!!!!
    The Horror The Horror!


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