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    Default I won an Ebay auction! Annick Goutal

    I was able to buy Rose Absolue and Tubereuse. I have looked at MUA for reviews, and they are few and far between. Does anyone here have any experience with these scents? I bought them unsniffed.

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    Default Re: I won an Ebay auction! Annick Goutal

    Hello, Madamex, and welcome to Basenotes. Congratulations on your ebay win. I'm not familiar with all of the Annick Goutal fragrances, but several of them. Her Tubereuse, no. Her Rose Absolue, yes. Intense rose aroma, pungent and spicy on opening; seems to have some hint of bitter green, and I could swear jasmine but perhaps I'm wrong; becomes less intense as it dries down, of course, and somewhat powdery, but never less pungent really -- at least not on my skin. I like this one very much, but on me it's not a soft rose, nor a soft, sweet rose aroma, and probably not for anyone who is on the fence about rose-themed fragrances, or who is not completely in love with them. On the other hand, if you love Agent Provocateur, Rosa Magnifica, or even Kingdom Summer Limited Edition, you may love (or sort of like) Rose Absolue. Just my humble opinion.

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    Default Re: I won an Ebay auction! Annick Goutal

    Thank you so much for your reply! Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any of the scents you listed-i live in a very small town in Eastern Canada. I love AG scents, and the price was superbe. i was shocked to find the list price was over $200 CDN! I'll review it once I receive it.
    Thank you again for the warm welcome. I will post more, and lurk less!

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    Default Re: I won an Ebay auction! Annick Goutal

    Hi Madamex! Congratulations on your win. I also like Annick Goutal fragrances (own Eau d'Hadrien, Eau du Ciel, Eau de Camille) but I've never seen either one of these at the AG counters. I had read about these on the AG website and was interested in trying the Tubereuse, but I got the impression that these weren't available in the U.S. Anyway, it sounds like you got a great deal. I'll look forward to your review.

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