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    Default Tom Ford on Envy Me.

    In the december issue of I-D magazine you will find an interview with Tom Ford about his book on his decade at Gucci and about his future in the movie business.
    He talks very shortly about perfume too...

    I-D: I heard that some things you'd overseen at Gucci got changed straight after you left. And that other changes being made were being erroneously credited to you.

    Tom Ford: Well, yeah. I shot principal (ready-to-wear) campaigns with Mario Testino, but some changes were made after I left. There's really funny things like Gucci Envy Me, this new perfume that came along. I read that they were saying I had something to do with that, but I had nothing to do with that whatsoever. I would never, ever, NEVER have called a perfume Envy Me.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford on Envy Me.

    :-X Thanks, Cedric.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford on Envy Me.


    Michael, a copy is on your way, together with a bottle of m7. Your welcome!

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    Default Re: Tom Ford on Envy Me.

    I've seen the book. It's over $100 for what essentially amounts to a bunch of old Gucci and YSL ads and scant text by Ford about why he's the greatest man since, oh, probably Jesus. (Of course, our Lord and Saviour didn't have the good taste to walk across the water in crocodile Gucci loafers.) He'll definitely be in the section of hell punishing the prideful.

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