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    Default Musks -- What are these?

    White musk
    Pink musk
    Crystal musk
    Clear musk
    Amber musk

    Any others? I've seen all of these listed in fragrances lately. Does anyone know what they are? ???

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Goodness, Loney, one can only take a guess. ??? Offhand, I would say musk blended with another note would compose the ingredients, hence the respective names. Now this idea is just off the top of my head, otherwise don't have any idea. :-/

    It's most likely the process of renaming old musk blends into those that have new, updated handles. There's just so much you can do to modernize age old scents, and methinks they're grappling with how to make them sound appealing. :
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Here's an article I found to be pretty informative on musks. It doesn't specifically answer your question, but I would assume that the different "colors" are simply variations on the synthetic musks. As you can see from the article, there is quite an array of them.


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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Thanks, Fufu and Octothorpe. I've seen white musk for quite some time now, but crystal musk and pink musk really baffle me. ???

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Interesting article, Octothorpe, but it made me flashback to Organic Chemistry class

    Ladylonestar, I've noticed some of these lately, too. But I don't know what they are either. I would agree with the others and say they might be variations on musk. Like pink musk may be a flowery musk, and crystal musk a light and watery musk. I'm just guessing, though. I know Egyptian musk oil has been around for a long time and I looooove this one!

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    I've seen only musk and white musk:-) The white musk is clean, sweet, soapy and powdery.

    Other names might be just a marketing trick:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Pink musk could be the plant: Pink Musk Mallow 'Rosea' (Malva moschata.) There is also a White Musk Mallow plant as well. "Clear" musk is often another way of saying "white" musk. As far as amber musk- this sounds like a blend of the two notes and you have me on what "crystal" musk is.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    I've always thought that these different colors and textures of musk were mainly that company's particular way of describing their combo of synthetic musk and some other element(s) to make it sound appealing..."new", "exotic". White musk has often seemed to be a musk and a floral...white floral.

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Quote Originally Posted by Artisankey
    ... you have me on what "crystal" musk is.
    I just saw this -- a recent fragrance launch, I believe. Argh.... cannot remember which fragrance! :-/

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ladylonestar
    I just saw this -- a recent fragrance launch, I believe. Argh.... cannot remember which fragrance! :-/

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    From the men's board about white musk;start=8 CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's been perplexed by all the musks. Thanks for the link to the men's discussion, Nqth. I see from that discussion that we can add "green musk" to the list. :

    Scentsational, it definitely isn't Mat that I'm thinking of as to the crystal musk since I've never checked up on Mat, but thank you very much for that information! I want to say it's a recent launch but I just cannot for the life of me remember. It's no big deal though. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    I don't know about the different 'colors' of musks, but I do know that I am a Musk lover. I love Jovan White Musk, Mure et Musc, China name it, I just have always loved fragrances that contain Musk! Must be the animal in me! I also love a lot of fragrances that contain civet.

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Dear Ladylonestar,

    In the fragrance industry, the term musk may indicate the usage or combination of many synthetics that elict an olfactory sensation deemed by the industry to be musky in odor profile. Although secondary charcteristics may exist with the musk note, such musky-woody, musky-metallic or musky-animal. There are well over a hundred musks synthetics that have been discovered but about 20 or so makeup the bulk usage in all worldwide formulas. Musk chemicals are in virtually every possible formula making it's odor class one of the most ubiquitous of all perfumery materials.

    The natural musk which is a secretion found in a internal pouch found the male deer Moschus Moschiferus. Mostly found in China it is still sometimes used but only in the most expensive compositions and now mostly in older perfumes. It cost can be a staggering thirty eight thousand dollars per kilo for the real thing.

    All these musk that have titles such a pink musk or Egyptian musk are no more than fragrance compounds with certain types of musk chemicals and other perfume materials to shade the blend in any direction the perfumer chooses. Hope this helps to clear up the confusion that exist.



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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Welcome to Basenotes, Hedione, and thanks for such an informative post!

    I've always been very confused by musk and musks in general. Since my background was in horticulture, I was very familiar with the use of the word 'musk' in that context: Musk roses, musk mallow, musk hyacinths, monkey musk, etc. Even in the animal world, there are musk oxen, muskrats, musk turtles, etc. I didn't understand the specific use of the word in the perfume world (the product of the musk deer) until I began actively reading and researching perfumes a few years ago.

    What's terribly sad is that the musk deer is endangered because of the trade in musk, yet we repeatedly hear that there's almost no 'real' musk used in modern perfumery: where does all that real musk go? From what I've read on the Web, there have been a number of attempts to farm musk deer, which seem to have been unsuccessful. That's especially ironic for those of us in the Eastern US who are accustomed to dealing with the current overpopulation of white-tailed deer.

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Greetings, Hedione! Welcome to Basenotes. I've been trying to read up on musks lately, most especially since I'm finding that some of the new fragrance releases have far too much unnatural sweetness for me. It could be any number of things, of course, but my eyes keep zeroing in on "musk" for some reason. Older fragrances, also with musk, have that glorious, sensual musky quality, however. I'm also learning that there are "notes within notes", so to speak -- backnotes, or a certain note can almost have its own olfactory pyramid. It's all way over my head, I'm afraid, but tremendously fascinating, so I really appreciate the information you shared. Thanks so much.

    Scentsational -- the fragrance with crystal musk that I couldn't remember is Hiroko Koshino, which shows "cristal musc". I recently sampled it, thanks to a decant from Lille My.

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these? I right in surmising that in other parts of the world the actual fragrance components are listed as ingredients on fragrance bottles? Because here (down under) we just have "alcohol, fragrance" details of what fragrance ingredients, which i am always fascinated to know.... anyway , I just want to say I am happy to have Hedione, a chemist, here to give us science info. Perfumery is such a wonderful meeting of art and science, I always think. As I'm a creative type who knows little science, i find that my thirst for info in this area is endless...I once used to go to a public library and read "Poucher's" for fun ...alas no Poucher's where I live now.
    Anyway on the topic of musks, I have to say the one "Musk" perfume I just want to eat it smells so good, is Coty Wild Musk. Most other types do nothing for me. Does Hedione, or anyone else here, happen to know the particular type(s) of synthetic musk(s) present in this cheapie-but-goodie fragrance. ?
    If it's listed in ingredients please do share....The local dept stores here have gift set boxes of Coty Wild Musk out for Xmas, that contain the (usually available and not very lasting) Cologne as well as actual (not usually available here) perfume concentrate (not the oil), so I am waiting for the boxing day sales when I will be shopping for the reduced in price unsold Gift Boxes in bulk!

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    Default Re: Musks -- What are these?

    Quote Originally Posted by CHARDKAY name it, I just have always loved fragrances that contain Musk!  Must be the animal in me!  
    Two of the best sites for variations of Musk are Madini Oils and Attar Bazaar Oils.  

    From Madini, I have Baraka Musk, which has a sweet berry note that is equal in strength to the Musk, and Gazelle Musk, which leans more toward the original Musk but with a twist I can't identify - maybe fruity.

    Attar Bazaar has the standard Eqyptian Musk, Sweet Musk and Tunisian White Musk, all three very rich and sweet, but not overpowering.  Moroccan Musk is somewhat drier with a mellow sweetness.  

    Madini sells five samples for $10 and Attar gives four free samples with purchase.  The quality and price are unsurpassable - imo.  


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