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    Default The new J'Adore TV ad.

    This one is almost low budjet compaired to the N°5 extravaganza, but I like it very much.

    Go to the link
    and click bellow on "Découvrez le nouveau film J'Adore
    interprété par Charlize Theron"

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    Thanks Cédric ! I have to say it does not speak much to me but I do not like the fragrance (in fact it is one of my S&S ones = Smell & Scream

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    Thanks for the link, Cedric!

    (but I still say: bring back Carmen Kass!)
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darŁber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    Well I like it. I think Charlize in gorgeous and the add is very "glamour".

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    I like the ad as much as I dislike the fragrance. It was directed by photographer Nick Knight, one of the greatest fashion photographers of these times. Charlize Theron looks beautiful, and I think the music score (a rendition of The Animals' Don't let me be misunderstood) works very well in this short version. I've also seen the longer version, but I prefer the shorter edit (which doesn't give away the title of the song, thus creating a bit of suspense at the end).

    In a short tv-interview on the making of this video, Galliano explains (in his best French) how much fun it was to hear Charlize repeat "J'Adore" 56 times. After so many takes, the people on the set could barely recognize what she said anymore.

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    I enjoyed the ad, but it's strangely reminiscent of a fragment of a science fiction movie to me (and I don't generally find science fiction to be very.....alluring).

    Thanks, Cedric!

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    She's so lovely! The song/lyrics and kissy kissy sounds sort of ruined the ad. Maybe I'm prejudiced though. J'Adore literally makes me gag.
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: The new J'Adore TV ad.

    I would not have even known it was her except they put her name on the magazine ad. What is the point if you don't even know who it is pushing the fragrance?

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